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    Welcome to my Robotech,  Macross AND Rifts page!  I have put together info and modifications for Palladium Book's Robotech Role-Playing Game and the fan supported Macross Role-Playing Game, AND info  for the Rifts rpg!  I took info from other web pages, along with some of my own ideas and thoughts, and mixed it all together for my own version of the Robotech Role-Playing Game.
    As far as the Robotech portion of the site goes, keep in mind that I do not abide by the novel adaption of  Robotech,  I find the novels to be very inconsistent with the ideas and concepts that Carl Macek had for Robotech II and Robotech III.  Eventually I plan expanding my page to also include a great deal of Japanese Macross information for role playing, will have changes on Invid era mecha, AND stuff for the Rifts rpg.

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The Role Playing Game

What Is Robotech?
Optional RPG Rules

Revised Occupational Character Classes (O.C.C.)
Communications Engineer
Variable Fighter Pilot
Robotech Game Balance
Robotech Defenders
Body Armor and Cyclones
Revised VF Valkyrie Fighter Stats
Revised VF-4 Lighting III Fighter Stats
Revised VAF Alpha Fighter Stats
Revised VBF Beta Fighter Stats
Revised VDF Delta Fighter Stats
VF-R Valkyrie Fighter Stats
VF1-X Plus Enhanced Valkyrie Fighter Stats
Zentraedi War Machines
Battle Pod
Light & Heavy Artillery Pods
Officer's Battle Pod
Male Powered Armor
Robotech Time Lines
Robotech Saga
Macross Returns

Macross: 2036

Macross:2036 was a video game that came out for the 3DO/TG-16 around 1992.  This game was considered one of the sequels to the japanese movie, Macross: Do You Remember Love?.  The Roycomme Automated Factory Satelite site (now offline) had info and stats on the Zentraedi ships and mecha of the movie and game. I have info and stats on the VF-R series Valkyries that were in the game.

VF-1R Series Valkyrie
TRANSLATOR NEEDED!! If you can read, or if you know somebody that can read Japanese, than please look at this picture and see if you can shed some light on what it says. Thank you for any help you can provide!


The Rifts world is one of Survival, where humankind struggles to reclaim a planet Earth overrun with Demons and Dragons.  It is a transformed world, where the twin sciences of Technology and Magic rule.  The inhuman saviors of humanity, the Coalition States, may bring doom upon all humankind.
Game Balance In Rifts

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