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Adv. Dungeons and Dragons According to Indigo Warrior

Hint #1 for beginning DM's: Starting a campaign out in a bar may seem cliche (and it is!) but often it's a lot easier than trying to convince all the characters to meet up later individually! It's not ALWAYS a cop-out, just most of the time.

Alrighty then. Here you go, yes, another list...

  • Traps and Puzzles
  • Dungeon Generator
  • Tips for Dungeon Masters
  • Optional Rules
  • Chronicles of Several Campaigns I Have DM'd or Been In
  • VERY HELPFUL lists of town inventories
  • Pre-gen NPC's and townsfolk.

    If you're having trouble with the little fun details that lend reality or pseudo-reality to your game, look for them in my inventory lists...I have created them at length for just such a purpose...and they've come in useful for many people.
    My traps on the other hand...eek! They make being the DM fun...

    I just Can't STOP!! Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here
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