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NPC's and Townsfolk

Feel free to use all these npc's you wish, but if you use Erkin Berbert or Taya of Kar'Septu, please drop a line to either Erkin or Taya since these are personal PC's. Thank you and enjoy!
List of Characters - Good Guys
  1. Erkin Berbert, (Dwarven) Warrior
  2. Taya of Kar'Septu, (Dwarven) Warrior
  3. Orion, (Halfling) Warrior
  4. Dimitri D'minlo, (Gnomish/Dragon)Monk
  5. Blarg, (Goblin) Fighter/Thief
  6. Roth the Pious, (Human) Paladin of Aegis
  7. Gwen the Lucky, (Elven) Magician
  8. Jdael, (Human)Priest of Aegis
  9. Rhiannon, (Elven) Magician
  10. Hemanon, (Elven) Wild Mage
  11. Syldan, (Human) Priest
  12. MacGyver, (Human)Tinkerer
  13. Crazy Goulash, (Human)Shopkeeper
  14. Chaffron and Briddlywink, (Gnomish) Warriors
  15. Degen Lax, (Gnomish) Thief
  16. Roush and Flit, (Elven) Ninja and Cat
  17. Mitch, (Human) Sage
  18. Billy, Bob and BillyBob, (Human)Ship Captains
  19. Maraxus, (Human) Gladiator

List of Characters - Bad Guys

  1. Doohan, (Human) Master of Thieves
  2. Jorgus, (Giant) Thug
  3. MeiFanLong, (Human) Mage
  4. Burke, (Human) Fighter/Thief
  5. Greggor, (Human) Mage/Thief
  6. James and Scott, (Human) Thieves
  7. Dominus Tusk, (Minotaur - ala TV's Aladdin)
  8. Scorpa, (Elven) Witch
  9. Lea, (Halfling) Thief
  10. Tarus, (Dwarven) Warrior
  11. Virgan, (Human) Priest

Good Guys

1. Erkin Berbert
Major Stats: Male, Hill Dwarf, Warrior, Height=4'7", Weight=180 lbs, Age=143 years.
Str-17, Dex-10, Con-18, Wis-9, Int-8, Cha-2
Level 9, 109 hp.

Outgoing and boisterous, friendly and generous to a (dwarven) fault, Erkin is a one-of-a-kind dwarf. Though his friends see him as a nice guy, the Erkin that walks onto a battlefield is anything but. Although he'll have fun in a battle, he loves to kill, especially ORCS, which are the bane of Erkin's existence. Erkin uses a magical two-handed battleaxe, +3/+3, but +5/+5 vs. orcs. Together with his best bud Orion, Erkin owns "Erkin and Orion's Weapon Shop," renowned for its good quality and abundance of magical items, which Erkin and Orion go out hunting for. He adventures commonly with Dimitri D'minlo, Orion, Hemanon, and Syldan. One thing visitors to his shop will notice is the giant-sized sword mounted inside above the door. This belonged to GoreMaul, a minotaur that was Erkin's archnemisis. After countless encounters, and near-deaths, Erkin finally slayed GoreMaul, taking his sword and cutting off his horns. Erkin had the horns mounted on his own battle helmet. Even higher level PC's should be wary of messing with Erkin, and Erkin's stats should be adjusted accordingly for higher-level PC's. Erkin is a legendary character.

2. Taya of Ana'Drakur
Major Stats: Female, Hill Dwarf, Warrior, Height=4'2", Weight=150 lbs, Age=72 years.
Str-17, Dex-16, Con-17, Wis-9, Int-12, Cha-10
Level 8, 92 hp.

A strong and UNBEARDED (inside joke) female dwarven warrior, Taya stands out for several reasons. First, although she can and will use a battleaxe, she prefers to use her magical hornblade scimitar, +3/+3, which she found after slaying a bone golem/dragon. Taya usually travels with Roth and Gwen, and has struck up an unlikely friendship with Blarg. She can sometimes be found travelling with Rhiannon and Jdael. Taya is a legendary character.

3. Orion the Brave
Major Stats: Male, Stout Halfling, Warrior, Height=3'6", Weight=100 lbs, Age=35 years.
Str-16, Dex-14, Con-17, Wis-9, Int-7, Cha-8
Level 8, 82 hp.

Extremely outgoing and boisterous, even for a halfling, Orion is Erkin's best bud. Together they co-own "Erkin and Orion's Weapon Shop." He is pretty much Erkin's henchman. Much like Bilbo or Frodo Baggins, Orion got the itch to travel and adventure, leaving his comfy halfling-hole and everything he'd ever known. He met up with Erkin and Syldan on their way to exterminate a pesky goblin village, and offered his services to the party. He fights with two scimitars, both +3/+3. His special attack links to his loyalty to Erkin: if Erkin drops, Orion's rage acts as a haste spell, but only allows him to get the double (or in his case quadruple-two swords) attack.

4. Dimitri D'Minlo
Major Stats: Male, Gold Dragon/Gnome, Warrior, Height=Huge/2'9", Weight=Tremendous/70 lbs, Age=2yr dragon/40 yrs.
Str, etc. - Look up Gold Dragon, 2 yrs., in Monstrous Manual.

While fighting Erkin and his group, Dimitri D'Minlo, then just a gnome, his brother, Dan-Dan-the Fighting Man, also a gnome, GoreMaul the minotaur, and SilverBlade the elven fighter/thief/mage, Dimitri was just a pawn in the group, mainly controlled by the will of his older brother. Dimitri witnessed the death of his entire group, including Dan-Dan his brother, at the hands of Erkin, Orion, Syldan and Hemanon. Fearful for his life and relieved at the death of his brother, Dimitri pledged his loyalty to the wary adventuring party, who guardedly allowed him to live and tag along. Dimitri would do anything to gain their trust, and did, scouting out dragon's lairs and other dangerous places at merely a word from Erkin. During a fight with several Veberg giants, Dimitri died. Unable to resurrect him, a priest opted instead to attempt a reincarnation. Something, however, went "wrong" and Dimitri D'minlo was reincarnated as a juvenile gold dragon. He still felt the same loyalty to Erkin and the rest of the party, though, and stayed on with the group, adopting the guise of the gnome he once was. Dimitri D'Minlo's secret identity is kept secret from most, and he can be found watching Erkin and Orion's Weapon Shop.

5. Blarg, the Goblin King
Major Stats: Male, Goblin/Varies, Fighter/Thief, Height=5'5"/Varies, Weight=130 lbs/Varies, Age=60 yrs/Immortal Str-15, Dex-19, Con-14, Wis-8, Int-10, Cha-6
Level 6, 66 hp, Regen. 1hp/turn

Blarg is a goblin, a goblin king, to be precise. He was perfectly happy being evil, flinging goblin poop at trespassers, until he encountered Taya, Roth, and Gwen in the woods as they were passing through. He lost several goblin troops to them, but escaped unscathed easily; he then tracked them through the forest, flinging poop at them occasionally. The group finally reached the tower of the evil magician Chimt, to rescue Chaffron from a gem in which the wizard had him imprisoned. Before kicking the party out of his tower, Chimt cursed Blarg with a cloak which he could not take off and which made him look like a human, and told the party to cure Blarg before he would free Chaffron. Blarg, in agony because of his human guise, ran away to his loyal goblins, who attacked Blarg, believing him to be human. Disheartened, Blarg returned to the party. Unbeknownst to the party, the cloak was slowly changing Blargs alignment from evil to neutral (some could argue to good). Whether or not it was entirely the cloak's doing is up for debate. Unfortunately, when the party killed Chimt, the cloak dissipated but the enchantment on Blarg went out of control. Blarg still retained his good/neutral alignment and mischievous personality, but now he continually shapeshifted, each incarnation lasting from hours to weeks. He became an umberhulk, a dragonet, an ooze, an elf, etc. In another battle against a tyrannical king and a dao, Blarg gained control of the dao, and instead of wishing for his own form back, he wished for a. a pony, b. some cheese, and c. to be immortal. Currently, the party, and Blarg, are searching for the Amulet of True Form, which is the only thing left that will cure Blarg. Blarg is very very mischievous and a wild addition to any party. Usually he will bond and befriend the first pc that shows him kindness, and annoy the rest. He may mean well, but he still gets the party into a lot of trouble, since he doesn't comprehend normal rules of behavior: he still collects poop in his jar of holding, called "Blarg's Jar," he still occasionally kills innocent people who annoy him (example: he killed a town sage because he felt the sage was being rude to him and the prices were too high), and he will intentionally mess with people. Blarg is a legendary character.
6. Roth the Pious
Major Stats: Male, Human, Paladin (Warrior/Priest), Height=6'2", Weight=200 lbs, Age=22 yrs.
Str-18, Dex-16, Con-13, Wis-9, Int-8, Cha-15
Level 8, 79 hp.
A paladin under Aegis, the god of Protection. Buddies with Taya, Gwen, and his fellow priest of Aegis, Jdael. Roth is RENOWNED for his botches, if he has to do something, he will probably botch and be saved by the skin of his teeth. Roth is also known for finding all of the cursed items. The first time it was Doohan's Prejudice, a sword he took after helping to slay Doohan. Unfortunately, the sword was intelligent, and slowly convinced the unintelligent Roth to view his demi-human friends as beneath him and likely to betray him. After a long and arduous plan to rid Roth of Doohan's Prejudice (hatched and carried out by Taya, Gwen and Blarg), Roth managed to get his hands on the Skull of Golgathiel. Having used it's powers once, Roth is currently starting to rot away, he has lost his paladin abilities, and his alignment is slowly changing to evil. He is also obsessed with finding all of the parts of Golgathiel. Roth is a legendary character.
7. Gwen
Major Stats: Female, Grey Elf, Mage, Height=5'6", Weight=100 lbs, Age=120 yrs.
Str-9, Dex-12, Con-14, Wis-15, Int-16, Cha-11
Level 7, 30 hp.
Gwen is a character that loves to sit back and do nothing while the rest of the party beats a monster down to one or two hit points. After the rest of the party has dropped, and the monster is nearly dead, Gwen will pop up into action and slay the already-slain monster with a dagger, what is now known as "gwen-ing" a monster to death. It is very annoying and will drive your pc's crazy. She, on top of all that, is an irritatingly ditsy elf, preferring to whine than do any real work. Use this character only if you hate your pc's.
8. Jdael, Priest of Aegis
Major Stats: Male, Human, Priest, Height=6'0", Weight=195 lbs, Age=32 years.
Str-13, Dex-14, Con-9, Wis-18, Int-17, Cha-10
Level 3, 15 hp.
Jdael is a lower-level character. He fights with a flail, and has one great attribute, given to him by his god, Aegis. Once a day, he can pray to Aegis to take all of the damage incurred by one pc, be it himself or a party-member (usually a party member). His main spells deal with protection and healing, both himself and others.
9. Rhiannon Colte
Major Stats: Female, Grey Elf, Witch (Mage-Invocation/Evocation), Height=5'4", Weight=98 lbs, Age=120 years.
Str-9, Dex-16, Con-18, Wis-17, Int-18, Cha-3
Level 4 (8), 16 hp.
Rhiannon Colte is an outcast of elven society because of her occupation as a witch. She is socially a loner, but has been accepted into Taya, Gwen, and Roth's party because of the impressiveness of her magic-using abilities. I will soon post her spellbook. As a gift from her extraplanar ally, she was given five ioun stones, 4 of which increase her level by 1 each, and the last of which improves her armor class by one. She thus casts as an 8th level wizard and is a tough opponent and a wonderfully useful ally. She must struggle to control her own personality and protect it from her extraplanar ally, who may, if a roll is botched, take over Rhiannon's body temporarily (or permanently). This is an unstable but powerful character.
10. Hemanon
Major Stats: Male, Elf, Wild Mage, Height=5'7", Weight=120 lbs, Age=130 years.
Str-9, Dex-15, Con-12, Wis-16, Int-18, Cha-10
Level 9, 32 hp.
Hemanon and Syldan grew up as best friends. While learning wild magic, he accidentally scarred Syldan's face, with no cure in sight; this made him feel horrible and he quests for a cure for Syldan or the Amulet of True Form, which would undo the scars. Very creative, loves to use cantrips in new and useful ways. He is very outgoing and "bouncy" and loves to adventure. Always wears stoneskin (the lvl. 4 spell), always casts mirror image in a battle, and never NEVER uses fireball.
11. Syldan
Major Stats: Male, Human, Priest of the Secrets under the Stars, Height=6'1", Weight=190 lbs, Age=25 years.
Str-15, Dex-14, Con-16, Wis-18, Int-16, Cha-16 (1)
Level 9, 65 hp.
His main features are the scars on his face, which lower his 16 Charisma, to 1. Inflicted on him by his best friend Hemanon in a wild magic accident, they cause him much emotional pain and suffering. He has a church, of the Secrets under the Stars, and he decorates the pitch black ceiling with diamonds and jewels, to emulate the night sky. He quests for the Amulet of True Form, to restore his face to normal.
12. MacGyver, Tinkerer
Major Stats: Male, Human, Tinkerer, Height=5'6", Weight=150 lbs, Age=38 years.
Str-10, Dex-12, Con-8, Wis-9, Int-16, Cha-7
Level 5, 40 hp.
MacGyver is a townsperson, generally, not an adventurer. He is one of my favorite townspeople, however, along with Crazy Goulash. He owns his shop, MacGyver's, which sells a lot of eclectic items and technology. If you, as a dm, have decided to sell things like greek fire, or any kind of bombs, MacGyver is the one to sell them. He is a very friendly, very likable character, whose charisma is only lowered because of his shoddy and scarred appearance. MacGyver is infamous for blowing himself up, and has burned down his laboratory many, many countless times, but somehow always escapes relatively unscathed. He and Crazy Goulash have a friendly rivalry, and the other townsfolk consider them both insane.
13. Crazy Goulash, Shopkeeper
Major Stats: Male, Human (Arabic), Shopkeeper, Height=5'10", Weight=160 lbs, Age=44 years.
Str-8, Dex-15, Con-15, Wis-7, Int-12, Cha-9
Level 5, 40 hp
Crazy Goulash isn't actually clinically insane, he just acts like it. Sounding very much like Apu from the Simpsons, Goulash is a likable character that is first and foremost out to make money and maybe humiliate some people in the process (in a fun way, not mean or viciously). Unlike MacGyver, he doesn't create his own wares in a laboratory, instead he has several flunkies that travel and adventure for him, collecting precious goods from around the world. Any eccentric, odd, or hard-to-find item will probably be in his store, if anywhere. However, he is rarely on the level. Once, he sold some PC's a few grey, dead ioun stones for 1000 gold apiece. Often he will throw objects from his backyard together and sell them as relics or magical objects. Be creative when playing this NPC, he loves to take advantage of people in the most outrageous of ways!!
14. Chaffron and Briddlywink, Warriors
Major Stats: Male, Gnomish, Warriors, Height=2'10" and 3'1", Weight=60 lbs and 75 lbs, Age=70 years and 65 years.
Str-10,9, Dex-15,9, Con-13,17, Wis-5,7, Int-12,14, Cha-17,16
Level 4, 38 hp
Chaffron and Briddlywink are brothers who should really be characterized as professional jailbirds, not as warriors. Our PC's have always run across them in prison or in a dungeon, for various offenses. Jolly and likable, both Chaffron and Briddlywink are now dead in our storylines, but feel free to resurrect them for yours. Briddlywink was killed in an orcish battle, and Chaffron, after being released from his imprisonment in a ruby gem, died at the hands of evil magician Chimt.
15. Degen Lax, Gnomish Thief
Major Stats: Male, Gnomish, Thief, Height=2'11", Weight=67 lbs, Age=38 years.
Str-13, Dex-17, Con-14, Wis-12, Int-11, Cha-16
Level 3, 19 hp
A very robust, charismatic gnome, Degen Lax is more loyal to his group than most thieves. He has the Tumbling proficiency, which he always uses at least once during a battle. Most of his thief points lie in Move Silently and Climb Walls. One of Degen's favorite weapons (when not silent) is greek fire, purchased from MacGyver. One notable experience with Degen came during a battle with Doohan, when he sacrificed his life in an incident concerning greek fire to try and blow up Doohan; unfortunately, he did not realize that Doohan's belt gave him considerable resistance to fire, so his sacrifice was in vain.
16. Roush and Flit
Major Stats: Male/Female, Elf/Cat, Ninja/Cat, Height=5'8"/Cat, Weight=130 lbs/12 lbs, Age=26 years/4 years.
Str-14/18, Dex-18/18, Con-16/16, Wis-13/16, Int-14/15, Cha-10/10
Level 10, 110 hp/110 hp
A very interesting story behind Roush and Flit, one very few know. Roush is a ninja, but she was not always a ninja. She used to be happily married to her husband, Flit, before a magician changed Flit into a black cat, permanently. She now quests for the Amulet of True Form to change Flit back into her loving husband. They are never seen apart, and Roush has few friends. Several years ago, Roush cut off her own legs and attached the legs of Golgatheel to her bloody stumps, allowing her to run EXTREMELY fast. The drawback is that her lower Golgatheelian legs are grey and corpselike, so she always wears long black pants. To people who become her very close friends, she may give them a silver whistle, a Roush whistle. This whistle, when blown, emits a high keening tune that floats across the air and is guaranteed to reach Roush. Assuming she is on the same continent, she then runs, using her speedy legs, to the aid of whoever blew the whistle. Usually she'll get there in time.
17. Mitch
Major Stats: Male, Human, Sage, Height=6'2", Weight=190 lbs, Age=45 years.
Str-13, Dex-18, Con-18, Wis-12, Int-19, Cha-16
Level 10, 80 hp
Mitch is a formidable magician and sage, who occasionally offers his services for free in exchange for a team of adventurers to quest for him. Always possessing inside information and knowing things seemingly impossible to know, some wonder if Mitch doesn't possess some impressive psionic abilities. I can't post the full story behind Mitch as he is currently a cornerstone in our campaign. After the campaign, I will post everything.
18. Billy, Bob and BillyBob, Ship Captains
Major Stats: Male/Male/Male, Human/Human/Human, Ship Captains, Height=6'3", Weight=210 lbs, Age=40 years.
Str-17, Dex-10, Con-7, Wis-8, Int-14, Cha-10
Level 5, 25 hp
Billy, Bob, and BillyBob are three twins that few people can tell apart. All three are ship captains, and all three have places that they simply refuse to go (for instance, Billy refuses to go near Lost Island, a prehistoric refuge). Most of the time, the three captains will charge wildly different rates for the same voyages, so it would behoove the PC's to shop around at all three.
19. Maraxus, Human Gladiator
Major Stats: Male, Human, Gladiator/King, Height=6'4", Weight=260 lbs, Age=32 years.
Str-18.00, Dex-15, Con-15, Wis-12, Int-12, Cha-15
Level 8, 75 hp
Maraxus came from an experiment with the punching ability. He uses sestuses (sesti?), expert level, and he is also expert level in punching, so his damage is insane. He was a gladiator in the coliseum of Kel'Salizar, until the gladiator riots (that he led) in which he and his followers overthrew the government, and Maraxus became king. He is a relatively fair king, but he can be cruel, as he is jaded from the gladiator ring.


1. Doohan
Major Stats: Male, Human (Arabic), Fighter/Thief (I know, I know, Humans can't multiclass, just bear with me), Height=6'4", Weight=240 lbs, Age=35 years.
Str-18.00 (19), Dex-19 (23), Con-17, Wis-13, Int-15, Cha-18
Resistant to all fire-based magic spells, and magic missile. Level 10, 150 hp

Doohan is a nasty, bad-ass character, of Erkin's own creation (the person, not the character). The stats in the parentheses include his turban, which makes him resistant to all fire-based magic spells, and magic missile, and his belt, which gives him +1 to strength and +4 to Dexterity. Doohan was the king of thieves, in a headquarters located in a cave and subterranean labyrinth about 20 miles outside of the Arabian-type city of Kel'Salizar. It is surrounded by desert, and the entrance is usually at least partially covered by drifting sands. Doohan travels with flunkies James and Scott, and once possessed the Chaos Orb in its entirety. His sword, Doohan's Prejudice, is an intelligent sword that makes Doohan hate all non-humans with a passion. After a long and deadly battle with Taya, Roth, Degen, Jdael and Gwen, and after killing Taya, Roth, Degen and Jdael, the mighty and evil Doohan was felled by a dagger in the back, thrown by Gwen. Feel free to resurrect him, as he never should have died by that stupid dagger in the first place.
2. Jorgus
Major Stats: Male, Giant, Thug, Height=25'10", Weight=6000 lbs, Age=140 years.
Str-25, Dex-7, Con-24, Wis-6, Int-2, Cha-4
Level 8, 230 hp Regenerating
Jorgus was originally just a happy-go-lucky giant (still is), with the brain of a child. Mei Fan Long, Burke, and Greggor took Jorgus under their wing and taught him to be the main thug of the thieves' guild. Jorgus, who was ecstatic to have friends, would do anything to please them, and was happy to be the thieves' main protector. Anything but nimbleminded, Jorgus can easily be tricked by PC's.
3. Mei Fan Long
Major Stats: Male, Human (Oriental), WuJen Magician, Height=5'11", Weight=170 lbs, Age=31 years.
Str-?, Dex-?, Con-?, Wis-?, Int-?, Cha-?
Level ?, ? hp
A formidable Oriental WuJen magician, with the eccentricities of a. never cutting his fingernails, b. never cutting his hair, and c. taking a 3 hour bath (dust bath or water bath) every day or every other day. I'm sorry I can't tell you more, but Erkin is dm'ing and won't tell me about the character.
4. Burke
Major Stats: Male, Human, Fighter/Thief, Height=5'11", Weight=190 lbs, Age=24 years.
Str-15, Dex-19, Con-16, Wis-15, Int-12, Cha-11
Level 9, 70 hp
Uses two scimitars in battle. He has long blonde hair, about shoulder length, wears a hunter green cape lined with a soft black material (reversible cape). His main two companions are two tigers, that are black with orange stripes (like reversed tigers), which he controls. He hires out as a mercenary.
5. Greggor
Major Stats: Male, Elven, Mage/Thief, Height=5'7", Weight=150 lbs, Age=240 years.
Str-8, Dex-20, Con-10, Wis-8, Int-20, Cha-10
Level 12, 50 hp
Again, Erkin's using him currently so I know little about him. I'll post more later.
6. James
Major Stats:Male, Human, Fighter, Height=5'4", Weight=140 lbs, Age=37 years.
Str-15, Dex-9, Con-13, Wis-9, Int-9, Cha-5
Level 5, 40 hp
A clumsy and inept fighter, but one of Doohan's main flunkies, James was an adventurer that quested for the orbs, especially after Doohan realized the power of the Chaos Orb. James used a third of the chaos orb and a broadsword in battle, but his main weapons were thugs and flunkies that he sent after opponents.
7. Dominus Tusk
Major Stats: Male, Minotaur, Height=15'3", Weight=2020 lbs, Age=60 years.
Str-20, Dex-14, Con-19, Int-12, Cha-8
Level 14, 180 hp Ring of Improved Invisibility
Claiming himself as the "great Dominus Tusk, victor of 10,001 battles," this minotaur is only mildly a villain. If bested in battle (never killed, he uses his ring to run away if he feels he is losing), he becomes an instant ally and gives the victor all his respect. Dominus Tusk uses a giant battleaxe, and is usually found in, where else, labyrinths.
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