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Indigo Warrior's Lair of Mostly Interesting and Sometimes Useless Information


Big Brother Is Watching YOU!

nutshotkidrefugees from halloweennew star wars this summer!!!bosch rules!mooeek

Well, you know, now that you've been here I have all of your vital stats... So come back, and bring a friend, or I may be forced to do something eeeeeevil.

Because it is generally the thing to do, click here if you want to know a little more about the "enigma wrapped in mystery, smothered in secret sauce" that is Indigo Warrior!

AHHH!! I'm a BAR!!!

And Now for something Completely Different...i.e. the bulk of the site!

Forgive any dead links...Bear with me...I'm working constantly!!

Well, there's the...
Waiii!!JAPAN - Pics, Stories, Updates.
ooh, prettyPoetry Pages.
don't drink this.Gaming Pages.
bluhRant Pages.These are fun!These are fun!
horseys!Uh-Oh, Educational Animal Pages
linksLinks Pages.
nerdOther Pages Yet To Be Named!

AHHH!! I'm another BAR!!!

Meet my Pikachu "Cthulhu"

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