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Ouch, ouchLists, Lists and More Listscombustion, how I love combustion...

Here you go, as promised...use whatever helps--ON ONE CONDITION!! E'mail me and tell me how it's helped or what you think.
Also, convert the monetary values to whatever will be easier for your campaign...listed here are the prices that I use for my PC's when DMing. I've listed the name, description, appearance, and price of each item or service in each shoppe. Now, keep in mind that you may certainly not want to use all of these shoppes in your campaign...unless you've got very fun PC's that know how to game.

1. Apothecary Shoppe
2. Armorer/Weaponsmith
3. Baker
4. Barber
5. Barrister/Lawyer
6. Bladesmith
7. Bowyer/Arrowsmith
8. Butcher
9. Cobbler
10. Draper/Dyer, Seamstress/Tailor
11. Embroiderer
12. Fishmonger
13. Gem-Cutter/Jeweler
14. Goldsmith
15. Grocer
16. Groom
17. Hosteler
18. Interpreter
19. Knife-Grinder
20. Limner
21. Marketplace
22. Minter/Treasurer
23. Navigator/Mapmaker
24. Poulterer
25. Sage
26. Sailor/Shipwright
27. Scribe
28. Spy/Private Investigator
29. Vintner/Brewer