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Traps and Puzzles

Included here are my best traps and puzzles, as well as links to pages of traps, puzzles and riddles that I've found useful...This minisite's point is to make your campaign the absolute meanest..I mean, most fun! Enjoy!


1. The Sky is Falling

To accomplish this trap, one needs a mage with the reverse of the fourth-level spell "Turn Pebble to Boulder" memorized and several hours. First, find several large boulders and have the mage transmute them to pebbles. Then, carry the pebbles into the room where the trap is to be set and get some clear thread or fishing wire. Carefully wrap the fishing wire or thread around the pebbles and hang them from the ceiling. Have a mage wait around to cast dispel magic or just find a way to trigger a dispel magic spell on the boulders when a party enters the room, and bam!! Several eight-foot boulders fall on their heads!! OUCH.

2. Dancing Gems

First, you need a priest who can cast the second-level spell "Frisky Chest." Then, create a hallway where the trap will be set and sprung, gems embedded in the walls of the hallway, and a tiger pit with deadly spikes a few dozen feet down the hall. When the PC's come down the hallway, they activate the "Frisky Chest" spells on the gems, and the gems run away from them toward the tiger pit. This continues for a while, until the gems land on or past the tiger pit, which does not spring because of the relatively light weight of the gems. However, when the PC's follow the gems, they spring the tiger pit and (perhaps) fall to their death. This could be fun if you include an inscription on the entrance to the hallway to the effect of "Greed Will Be The Death Of YOU!" Just to screw with them, or to let you say "I told you so!"

More coming soon. In the meantime: