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Tips For Dungeon Masters (or How To REALLY Impress Your PC's)

The Number One Thing To Do

For Ultra-Realism, or Just Good Backgrounds/Detailing

  • Remember that towns are very, very important, even in traveling adventures. A town can lend the realism that your game is can a nation, a culture, an economy, a name it, it belongs somewhere within your world!

    Some Questions You Can Answer To Improve Your Campaign Setting
    He's got the whole world...Geographical

  • How many continents does your world map have (I suggest drawing a map for any campaign, even if you don't show it to your PC's)
  • How many towns are on each continent?
  • Where are the rivers, lakes, streams, freshwater or saltwater?
  • Where are the mountain ranges, are there any active or inactive volcanoes?
  • Map out the different regions...Rainforest, Tundra, Grasslands, Savannah, Mesas, Deserts, Forests, Swamps...Get detailed! It'll help!
  • How many days does it take to travel from one region to another; from one continent to another?
  • Are there any oceanic civilizations?
  • Where are the major ports of each continent?
    Hammurabi didn't have it so wrong...National
  • Where are the nations' borders on each continent?
  • Are there any "no man's land" territories?
  • What is the capital city of each nation? Look in the town's inventory lists for more in-depth towns...
  • What nations are allies and which are warring?
  • What is the ratio of humans to demihumans in the nations? Does that breed racism?
  • Don't forget about evil nations...the goblins and orcs have to live somewhere too!
  • What are the major transportation routes of each nation?
    Everyone's favorite subject...$$$$Economic
  • What is the nation's/city's major export and import?
  • How does the city raise money (sale of lands, high taxes, tariffs, etc)?
  • What is the ratio of urban poor/middle class/wealthy?
  • Is the nation mainly agrarian (subsistance farmers) or urban or what?
  • What is the nation's unit of currency? Paper, coin, or both?
  • What is the nation's exchange rate with other nations?
  • What is the rate of class movement?
  • What is the nation's government? Is it a monarchy? democracy? tyrannical govt? dictatorship?
  • What is the need for work? The unemployment rate?
    I head the Religion of Homer...Bow down to me!!Religion
  • What is the nation's main religion?
  • Is the nation tolerant of other religions?
  • Does that religion breed intolerance of certain races or lifestyles?
  • What is that religion's figurehead?
  • What is that religion's idea of an afterlife?
  • What requirements does that religion make of its followers during their lifetime, and for what reward?
  • Is the religion a popular one?
  • Does the religion tax the people?
  • Does the govt. appoint the religious leaders or vice versa?
    I am decidedly NOT fun.Other Fun Stuff
  • Does your world's year run on a 12 month, 365 day year?
  • Are there 24 hrs in your world's day?
  • Are colors perceived the same way?
  • Is the sky blue? It could just as easily be purple, orange, red...
  • Do your PC's still breathe oxygen?
  • Is night longer than day in certain parts of the world? Day longer than night?
  • Is north, north? south? Perhaps the axis lies east to west...
  • Think about original wildlife...mammals, birds, trees, underbrush...
  • For a wacky campaign, refer to Piers Anthony for puns.
  • What time frame is your campaign set in, or is it a mishmash?
  • Does gravity work the same as here on earth?

    Well, I hope this has helped...I'll try and update this page soon with new ideas to improve your game!!

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    With much appreciated help from the almighty Erkin Berbert...your lady Taya thanks you!