Information Release of February 15, 1999

Global Crisis Solutions and the Global Peace Walk 1999-2000

The upcoming Global Peace Walk events have received proclamations of support from the Mayors of Berkeley and Oakland. This is a continuing effort to unite all survival issues for "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve.

Experts will be speaking about these issues to awaken public and media interest in solving today's global social and environmental crises by revealing and examining little known solutions to problems of the environment, government/corporate secrecy, crime, illegal drugs, and the violence rampant in our communities and around the world.

Leading scientists, traditional spiritual practitioners, and peace/justice activists will come together for three days of events from February 26 to March 1st 1999 by offering practical messages which will be carried by the Global Peace Walk to the United Nations and Washington, DC, this Fall, and next year's Global Peace Walk2000 from San Francisco.

There will be a local Global Community Peace Walk on Friday, February 26, from Oakland City Hall after a 9AM press conference to a Noon Rally at UC Berkeley's Upper Sproul Plaza in conjunction with the Campus Greens and other student groups.

On Saturday, February 27, at People's Park in Berkeley, an afternoon Global Peace and Love Festival will take place starting with a circle of hands ceremony at noon, music and speakers from 1-5PM, followed by a Global Peace Prayer Vigil & Council.

On Monday, March 1st, from 10AM-4PM a Global Crisis Solutions Conference will take place at the UC Berkeley Alumni House hosted by two prominent Cal PhD alumni, Drs. Fred Wood and Brian O'Leary. They will discuss new physics discoveries about the nature of human consciousness and the scientific developments in "New Energy" technologies that are capable of replacing nuclear power and fossil fuel power, neutralizing radioactive wastes, and improving human health.

This message will be further enriched by comments from Stephen Kaplan, Mark Comings and Cheryl Welsh. Ms. Welsh will offer offer documentation of covert weapons that are utilizing the same new physics in applications to electromagnetic biowarfare. Mark Gimbrere will supply a brief overview on the Y2K-driven Global Sustainability Alliance.

Featured speakers will include:

Hemp expert Chris Conrad, who will be discussing the need for drug policy reform to ameliorate crime, injustice, the expensive incarceration of cannabis offenders, and the need for a global scale revival of the USDA's 1941 Hemp for Victory program to heal the atmosphere.

Former LAPD narcotics investigator Michael C. Ruppert will be discussing his firsthand and investigative knowledge of 50 years of CIA complicity in smuggling hard drugs into our inner cities, the recent CIA Inspector General's Report, Volume II, acknowledging such complicity, and his perspectives on solving drug crime problems.

Rev. Yusen Yamato, Buddhist Monk, Zen Shiatzu Meditation Practitoner, and initiator of the Global Peace Walk, will be discussing the spiritual reawakening necessary to guide humanity through these times of great change, emphasizing the "emptiness", or "zero-energy" that scientists are finding at the root of new physics.

Barry "Plunker" Adams, Sociologist and one initiator of the global Rainbow Family Gatherings, will be discussing this tested social formula for a nonviolent society based on mutual affection and respect as it applies to all of humanity living in harmony as one family of life.

Events are open to the public.

Donations will be accepted to benefit the Global Peace Walk.

For the March 1st conference, advance tickets will be available at the February 26-27 events. Or, to guarantee a conference seat, call 805-822-3309 before February 20th.

For more information on events and speakers, messages, see

David Crockett Williams
Global Emergency Alert Response
PO Box 147
Tehachapi, CA 93581

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Dr. Wood bio, on new-energy math, WWIII warning

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Cheryl Welsh, electromagnetic biowarfare

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Global Sustainability Alliance

Some conference exhibitors:

Macrocosm USA, online progressive information clearinghouse

Electrifying Times Magazine