Global Peace Walk, Friday, February 26, 1999


January 17, 1999

RE: Global Peace Walk, Oakland City Hall to UC Berkeley, Friday Feb. 26, 1999

Contact: David Crockett Williams 805-822-3309

The purpose of the Global Peace Walk is to promote the acceptance of our prayer for "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve and to inspire and assist related events across the country and around the world. After a 9AM press conference on Friday, February 26th at the steps of Oakland City Hall. We will walk to UC Berkeley's Upper Sproul Plaza for a noon rally.

We are concerned about our future, we are concerned about our human life. All around the globe people are fighting for land and life. The exploitation of energy, human, and mineral resources by avaricious people's greedy life styles threatens the existence of all living beings on the Earth right now. We emphasize that we must do whatever we possibly can do to bring back the spiritual relationship with LAND, WATER, FIRE, and AIR. Now we must hold hands together and act together to correct these imbalances. We must use our logic, wisdom and knowledge to remove all pollution and chaos that we face everyday. People must cooperate together regardless of religions, ideologies or countries.

We have continually been addressing the United Nations to say that we must reestablish the balance in our land and life. If this mission fails, we must summon the world's religious leaders for a spiritual summit. The nations of the world must heed this warning now.

Everyone must embrace in their prayers this universal human resolve for "Global Peace Now!", in order to develop a spiritually united nation through recognizing innate human intelligence, the only source of true peace.
Otherwise, because of the destruction of nature and belligerent confrontations (wars) that cover the Earth, impending catastrophes that humanity have never experienced potentially await.

The many survival issues are uniting in this proclamation of "Global Peace Now!" Speakers and activists from across the spectrum of these survival issues are joining the Global Peace Walk to offer their messages and support, together for the security of the future generations. Details on some survival issues and their speakers are available here.

Last Wednesday on the first broadcast of ABC TV News' "60 Minutes II", Energy Secretary Bruce Richardson explained that the potential for transfer of former Soviet Union nuclear weapons to nations hostile to the United States "is the single most important concern to America's national security". With nuclear weapons becoming loose cannons in the hands of desperate nations, we must act now to correct America. Only then can we be a friend to all nations and be free of war to concentrate on averting global environmental catastrophe, before it is too late. We must act now to prevent the escalation of hostilities into World War III.

The Global Peace Walk started four years ago, on the January 15, 1995, birthday anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The first route from New York to San Francisco was in commemoration of the United Nations 50th anniversary. The initiator of the walk, Reverend Yusen Yamato, a Buddhist monk and Zen shiatsu meditation practitioner, carried the message from Mahatma Gandhi's revered teacher (Guruji Nichidatsu Fujii) that empowered the successful spiritual revolution in India. Over the last several years, in support of the Global Peace Walk, city mayors across the country have begun issuing proclamations for Global Peace Walk Days in their communities. Several, including San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, have also proclaimed their cities as Global Peace Zones.

What is the healing spiritual attitude? -- "Living on The Globe, with all my friends".

"Now we must climb up the mountain,
Listen to the voice of the pine needles in the wind...
Then we will hear the voice of our ancestors saying
'Humanity must live a peaceful way of life.'"

Rev. Yusen Yamato, Global Peace Walk Initiator