City of Berkeley Proclamation

[following is the text of the Berkeley Mayor's support proclamation for the Global Peace Walk which designates 1) Berkeley as a Global Peace Zone, 2) February 26, 1999, as Global Peace Walk Day in Berkeley, and 3) March 1999 as Global Peace Walk month]

City of Berkeley Proclamation

Berkeley Global Peace Walk Day

Whereas, the city of Berkeley, home to the flagship campus of the University of California, has a long history of social activism and many community programs addressing global issues have begun here and many projects exist to disseminate the message of peace; and

Whereas, people, by undertaking the Global Peace Walk, offer the prayer of "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve. This Global Peace Walk will extend from Oakland City Hall through Berkeley on February 26, 1999 as part of Global Peace Zone 2000 activities; and

Whereas, a Global Crisis Solutions Conference will take place at the University of California at Berkeley Alumni House on March 1, 1999 in support of the Global Peace Walk;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that I, Shirley Dean, Mayor of the City of Berkeley, do hereby proclaim February 26, 1999 and the month of March, 1999 as



in the City of Berkeley and do further proclaim the City of Berkeley as a


and welcome those attending the Conference, and urge our residents and visitors to participate in appropriate ceremonies and activities to promote global peace.

(signed) Shirley Dean, Mayor (February 8, 1999)