Global Peace & Love Festival, February 27, 1999

On Saturday, February 26th, folks will be gathering in People's Park in Berkeley, California, for an event and ceremony to rededicate this famous park as People's Peace Park. This is in the spirit of the Love-In's of the '60's with the message that Love is the Message and The Answer for Peace, not the drug use popularly associated with the counter-culture of the '60's. The event will be MC'd by prominent activists with the Rainbow Family of Living Light who have been carrying on the Spirit of Love to unite the world as one Family of Life. Following is text of initial flyer for this event which will be update here in the next weeks as more details are added.

The Mayor of Berkeley has agreed to offer a proclamation in support of these Global Peace Walk events and its text will be posted in a link from here after it is issued, probably February 9 or 10, 1999.

Flyer Text:

"Hugs not Drugs"

Global Peace & Love Festival

People's Park in Berkeley

Saturday, February 27, 1999

1-5 PM Music and Speakers

5-10 PM Global Peace Prayer Vigil

Global Peace Walk 1999-2000

for "Global Peace Now!" as a Universal Human Resolve

Barry "Plunker" Adams: Rainbow Family Gatherings
Alan Moore: Butterfly Peace Movement
Michael Ruppert: Stop CIA Drug Smuggling
David Williams: Love All, Serve All as the Way to God
Rev. Yusen Yamato: Spiritual Reawakening

Featuring the Global Peace Council of Women Leaders

supporting Global Crisis Solutions Conference, UCB, March 1, 1999