Global Crisis Solutions Conference 2, UC Berkeley

Monday, March 1, 1999

[6-hour videotape of event available]

Conference Speakers/Messages Summary

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Hosted by two prominent Cal Berkeley Alumni, the second

Global Crisis Solutions Conference (GCSC-2), was held:

10AM to 4PM
Monday, March 1, 1999
Alumni House
University of California at Berkeley

Featured speakers included (in alphabetical order):

Chris Conrad,
Dr. Brian O'Leary,
Michael C. Ruppert,
Dr. Fred B. Wood, Sr., and
Rev. Dr. Yusen Yamato.

Special Messages from:

Barry Adams ("Plunker")
Anne Fagan Ginger
Stephen Kaplan
Thomas Takashi Tanemori
Cheryl Welsh

Mark Comings, Global Sustainability Alliance
Dean House, Spiritual United Nations
Alan Moore, Butterfly Peace Gardens
Andrew Mount, DePalma Institute

The conference was to foster the best alternative to war -- Peace, full awareness and prosperity available from bridging the understandings of new science and traditional spiritual insights, applied to solving today's social and environmental crises.

Problems discussed included the devastating impact on today's world by the prevalent "culture of secrecy". Solutions to be discussed will include new scientific advances in the understanding of consciousness itself, new and suppressed revolutionary energy technologies, and the value of traditional ancient knowledge pertinent to the bridging of science, religion, and spirituality.

Issues discussed at the conference included:

This event is a benefit for the Global Peace Walk 1999 which will be carrying its prayer for "Global Peace Now!" along with the messages of all "survival issues", including those presented here, to the United Nations in New York City for the September 15th walk planned from there to Washington, D.C.

On October 24, 1999, it will be joined by the March for Peaceful Energy and Rally to End Secrecy events at the US Capitol, after the annual Global Peace Walk from Taos to Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 22-26, 1999.

Funds raised will also help organize "Global Peace Walk 2000" from San Francisco, January 15th, to Washington, DC, and to the United Nations in New York City for its 55th anniversary, October 24, 2000, United Nations Day.

We hope to garner major media coverage leading up to and including this conference in order to alert the general public to the critical problems and available solutions associated with today's global social and environmental emergency. This is an event to mobilize a public response in order to implement U.S. National Policy changes which can ameliorate war, crime, nuclear and terrorism threats, global warming, ozone layer depletion, the War on Drugs (including the recently admitted US CIA involvement with the smuggling of hard drugs into our cities to fund covert weapons sales for wars around the world, while the bulk of our prison cells are being filled with non-violent hemp/marijuana and drug offenders). These are consciousness and policy changes which need to be made in time to prevent otherwise potentially imminent catastrophes.

Speakers and support groups can display books, literature, etc., outside all day on the patio (weather permitting) for networking, book signing, etc. Access to the patio will be open and free for all, especially the UC Berkeley students.

The donations for tickets to the inside events were on the following basis:

Remember that this is a fundraiser for the Global Peace Walk and your donations are greatly appreciated and needed for its success.

Donations for tickets should be sent to General Agency Services, PO Box 147, Tehachapi, CA, 93581. Tax deductible donations for the Global Peace Walk may be sent to the Yucca Foundation, PO Box 170245, San Francisco, CA 94117-0245, and a receipt with 501(c)3 tax ID number will be sent by return mail.

This conference was sponsored for the benefit of the Global Peace Walk by the DePalma Institute and dedicated to the memory of the late Bruce DePalma, former senior scientist with the Polaroid Corporation, lecturer at MIT on electrical engineering and photographic science, discoverer of the heretofore unsuspected influences of rotation on physical properties that led to his invention of the n-Machine "free-energy" generator duplicated in several places around the world. For more info, see DePalma Institute will be represented at this conference by Andrew Mount who quit school at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1988 to become DePalma's administrative assistant until his passing October 4, 1997. Andrew was actively working on the development of a new-energy research center at Capital Hills California in Tehachapi. For more info on this, see the Capital Hills Research Center list archives.

For more information on the organizing of this conference and the campaign for a Global Emergency Alert Response, see homepage.

"We believe in the invisible good of the Almighty God, which we cannot see, as a discipline of the mind in order to believe in the invisible good in other people and to thereby be able to intimately associate with them" -- Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, from his speech on US Capitol steps at end of the American Indian Movement's Longest Walk of 1978

"Correctly understood, Buddhism is less of a religion than it is a science of the mind" -- His Holiness Dalai Lama, Santa Barbara, June 2, 1997, the day after the new science briefing for his science advisor.

"Start the day with Love, Fill the day with Love, End the day with Love -- This is The Way to God". "Love All, Serve All", Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Oakland to Berkeley Global Peace Walk & Rally Friday, February 26th
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CHRIS CONRAD is an internationally recognized expert in the history and uses of hemp/cannabis/marijuana, and in the adverse impacts of the US War on Drugs on human rights. He is the owner of Creative Xpressions, the Director of Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH) and the Family Council on Drug Awareness, the Art Director of the Human Rights and the Drug War project, author of "Hemp, Lifeline to the Future", "Hemp for Health", and co-author of "Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War" (with Mikki Norris and Virginia Resner), and "Human Rights and the Drug War" (with Mikki Norris and Virginia Resner). Chris's website is He is also a member of the Hemp Industries Association. Chris edited Jack Herer's earlier edition of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" in which was first put forth the compelling evidence that hemp was fraudulently outlawed as marijuana. Chris has been a key figure in the movements to legalize industrial hemp and medical marijuana in North America.

Cal Berkeley alumnus Dr. BRIAN O'LEARY is a former NASA scientist/astronaut, university teacher, science and energy policy advisor to four U.S. Presidential candidates, author of over 100 technical papers and articles on aerospace projects like the space station and of three books on the new frontiers of scientific exploration including human consciousness (e.g., mental healing processes, psychokinesis, etc.), UFO's, and the free energy (or new-energy) technologies such as the ZPE Zero Point Energy devices (whose potential to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power was acknowledged in a May 12, 1998, letter from the US DOE as "the Holy Grail of energy research") and the LENT Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation devices to neutralize radioactive wastes. Dr. O'Leary is a leading researcher into the "science/consciousness connection" and actually conducts workshops in which people learn how to perform psychokinesis such as the "cold melt" spoon bending for which Israeli psychic Uri Geller became so well known. Today's imminent new-science revolution has inspired his new book-in-progress "Twelve Ways to Re-Inherit The Earth" which includes the advocacy of legalizing hemp as part of an intelligent forestry and agriculture policy. More info is at

MICHAEL C. RUPPERT is a former Los Angeles Police Department narcotics officer who for over twenty years has been trying to bring to public attention his first-hand knowledge of CIA complicity in the drug trade flooding our inner cities with hard drugs as an apparent covert funding mechanism for the weapons trade for destabilizing populations around the world for their economic exploitation. He has become a lead spokesman for the Crack the CIA Coalition which has the endorsement of numerous prominent social activists and groups. For more information on his work and the recently released volume 2 of the CIA Inspector General's report acknowledging CIA complicity in the drug trade (a report in danger of being intentionally obscured by the impeachment process) see his website Background on this issue with many links is on a new Macronet site. Ruppert, 47, was born in Washington, D.C. An Honors graduate of UCLA in Political Science, he comes from a family rooted in intelligence and the military. As an undergraduate he interned for LA Police Chief Ed Davis and worked at 5 LAPD Divisions before graduating and becoming an officer in 1973. During his five plus years of active service he received thirteen citations and four commendations. Twice the CIA attempted to recruit him, the first time just before he graduated and again after he was a highly praised field officer and budding narcotics investigator. In 1977 he discovered the CIA bringing drugs into the U.S. through New Orleans in an operation supervised by his then-fiancÚ, a CIA agent. He began to speak out and was forced out of LAPD in1978 after being shot at and threatened. He has been speaking out publicly ever since. In 1981 he spoke out about the CIA and drugs inside the White House during a visit to his college classmate Craig Fuller who went on to become Chief of Staff to Vice President Bush. As a freelance writer in the 80's he was published in The Los Angeles Times. Other stories include more than 30 on drug and alcohol dependence. Mike is a past member of the Board of Directors of the National Council on Alcoholism for the San Fernando Valley. Mike's highly publicized confrontation with CIA Director John Deutch on November 15, 1996, resulted in his being interviewed by the Intelligence Committees of both Houses of Congress. He publishes a newsletter, FROM THE WILDERNESS, reporting on major developments in this rapidly changing and important story. He will speak about the 50 year history of CIA drug dealing and about his spiritual convictions that only the truth becoming known can catalyze the changes in consciousness necessary for global scale problems to be solved.

Conference organizer DAVID CROCKETT WILLIAMS, Jr., received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (with honors) from California State University at Northridge in 1969, earned the Chartered Life Underwriter degree in 1971 (life insurance industry analog to the CPA in accounting) and had a career in sales and sales management of insurance, investment, and business opportunity related financial services from 1966 to 1973. He began an unpaid career in 1974 devoting his life since then to the direct cause of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth via reconciling religious and secular philosophies with his scientific understanding of the nature of the human mind's consciousness orientation function of light, Tetron. In the course of this work Williams has been researching since 1976 the theme of mutual prophecy fulfillment which has involved his spiritual practice and participation as an activist and event organizer and student of the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, His Holiness Dalai Lama, Hopi Elder Thomas Banyacya, Reverend Yusen Yamato, and many others including the Rainbow Family of Living Light. In 1995 he was the coordinator of the United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk from New York (Jan15) to San Francisco (Jun20) to bring out the prayer of "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve. In 1996 he registered as an independent candidate for United States President in order to learn how to have an impact on US policies. His predictions since 1976 about the advent of new technologies, available consequent to the widespread acceptance of his Tetron thesis, have been supported by recent developments described in books like "The Coming Energy Revolution" by journalist Jeane Manning and "Miracle in the Void" by Dr. Brian O'Leary, and in videos such as "Free Energy: Race to Zero Point". In 1998, he was instumental via public testimony in getting the first public recognition of these new-energy technologies acknowledged by the US Department of Energy and mentioned in the new US Comprehensive National Energy Strategy. More background information.

Also a Cal Berkeley Alumnus, Dr. FRED B. WOOD, Sr. (aka Fred B. Wood III, or Fred Bernard Wood, born December 17, 1917) is with the Computer Social Impact Research Institute in San Jose, CA, and is considered one of the fathers of Systems Theory from his participation in the organization of the Society for the Advancement of General Systems Theory in 1954 at Stanford (now called the International Society for the Systems Sciences, ISSS, in Salinas, CA). He had planned to work for peace by studying sociology in the mid-1930's, but a study of the advanced use of technology by Germany and Japan convinced him that he had better switch to electrical engineering so he could work on the design of advanced microwave RADAR systems to stop Hitler in Europe to reduce the chance of Germany invading the US on the Atlantic Coast simultaneously with the Japanese invading us on the Pacific Coast. He designed key microwave circuit components at the MIT Radiation Laboratory (1940-1945) for the SCR-584 RADAR which was used in England to direct fire control of anti-rocket bomb artillery with a 95% success rate against the German V-1 Rocket Bombs. He also supervised the US supply of radioactive cobalt for use in military devices and did some work for the Manhattan Project at the end of the War. He worked on computer- communications systems at IBM (1952-1980). He will be discussing his comprehensive framework for a plan to guide the Earth from its present condition to the condition of global peace and prosperity, a Global Peace & Prosperity Cybernetics Program, as he first presented it at GCSC1 at UC Santa Barbara, June 1, 1997, a briefing for the Dalai Lama's science advisor. He has recently added a discussion of the social implications of Maxwell's Equations (1864) and the Maxwell-Heaviside Equations (1882) for Electromagnetic Waves. Dr. Wood has been proposing that the Federal Government relax its secrecy grip on new scientific energy technology discoveries to set limits of approximately six years for secrecy classification of new scientific principles to be used in weapons and commercial vehicles, and limits of secrecy classification for design principles of about twelve years for specific new weapons. He believes that the proposed relaxation of weapons secrecy requirements should be coupled with initiatives to take up past offers of Soviet leaders to negotiate the limitation of new weapons of mass destruction, and that we need to monitor whether anything is happening to carry out the UN General Assembly Resolution of December 10, 1996, (distributed January 7, 1997) "The prohibition of the development and manufacture of new types of weapons of mass destruction and new systems of such weapons." More information on Dr. Wood's message.

Rev. Dr. YUSEN YAMATO is a Buddhist Monk and Zen Shiatzu Meditation Practitioner. He was the coordinator of the Long Walk for Survival in 1980 and the initiator of the United Nations 50th anniversary Global Peace Walk from New York to San Francisco in 1995. He has worked in the US for over 20 years networking with the indigenous American spiritual leaders and has facilitated meetings between their representatives and His Holiness Dalia Lama who gave him a personal blessing for the Global Peace Walk. Rev. Yamato has been inspired by his involvement in witnessing the mutual fulfillment of Tibetan and Japanese Buddhist prophecy along with the Hopi prophecy regarding the spiritual reawakening due in these times. He has deep knowledge of eastern cultures and a unique perspective and knowledge of the past two millenia history including the overall role of the hemp plant outlawed in Japan since 1945 and previously a mainstay of the traditional economy. He has dedicated his life to the spiritual reawakening necessary for Global Peace Now! For more information on the Global Peace Walk or to join the coordinator' email group list. For more details see the message, Global Peace Walk, Pathway to Global Peace Zone 2000.