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The Ultimate Cheats Page for the N64

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This is the ULTIMATE CHEATS PAGE. If you are new to my page...WHAT TOOK YOU?I have got all cheats for such games as Goldeneye, Forsaken, Banjo Kazooie, Lylat Wars and many other games. I will be constantly updating the page and you can e-mail me on with more cheats and other suggestions. I have the coveted cheats for Forsaken such as level select, and invincibility. GO THERE NOW!!!

Remember the fact this page is always changing and improving and I would like you to return often to see the new cheats.. Please return often.

Remember also to E-Mail me about absolutely anything, but personally I prefere things along the lines of 'your page is great' and telling me your reviews and cheats for any game.



Please dont sue me for anything in this page i mean no harm and I am not a massive coporate business so dont sue the pants of me or I will be very upset and annoyed, because all I want is to show people all the cheats they need to make the games more fun. Also all these cheats are accurate but don't kill me if there is a slight error...there shouldn't be though , but there could.

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