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Mortal Kombat 4

This is he page that is contributed to the King of the current series of about 8 Mortal Kombat's. It is in 3D and has some of the most stomach ripping, heart bursting, eyeball poppingly gory kombat ever!! This page has the fatalities, secret characters and Kombat Kodes for your personnal pleasure.

There are KOMBAT KODES to divulge in, so go down. I reccomend the exploding Kombat. This gives nice and gory ends to even the least violent of bouts.(especially against see his torso fly off with only 1 of his arms intact!!!)

There are the good old secret characters to play....namely the grusome twosome, Noob Saibot and Goro. There is also an effect called MEAT where you play as normal except your character looks some what.....well used.

Also if the rest wasn't enough there are some move lists for all the characters....THIS INCLUDES....GORO AND NOOB SAIBOT.


There are only two secret characters but there is also an effect which counts as a secret character. There is GORO and also there is Noob Saibot. They are both full legitimate characters and have their own Game Over sreen, Goro falls head first and there are his legs sticking out while blood spreads, Noob falls as normal.

They both have moves shown in the moves section in this page. IF YOU FIND ANY CHEATS OR KODES I DONT SHOW, E-MAIL ME. The other character is MEAT the bloody skeleton.

NOW THE IMPORTANT BIT. To actually get the characters follow the commands below.

GORO - Pick Shinnok and complete the game with him. Then you have to go to HIDDEN in character select. Hold block then move the box to Shinnok then press and hold run.

NOOB SAIBOT - Pick Reiko and complete the game with him. Then same as with Shinnok go to Hidden, select it with block. Then go to Reiko and hold run.

MEAT THE BLOODY SKELETON - Complete the group mode through without being killed or beaten. Then just pick any character and you will be him, her, or it. You have all their moves.


You can be GORO as MEAT and you can do some pretty weird things, such as breaking their back on air by forcing them to hover up. Also, in BIG HEAD MODE you can see how good the graphics really are.


These are the coolest bit of the game and they really do make it cool. On the bit before a fight that shows the two peoples pictures you can change the bits at the bottom with the LOW PUNCH, BLOCK, and LOW KICK buttons. Press then each the number of times I show below to input cheats.You need two controllers for them to work.



Big Head Mode