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Lylat Wars

Why are you asking for this game? Why? why? Never mind. I once had a page for this game but it was unpopular. Ahhh well. There aren't really cheats as such for this game, but there are some nifty tricks and such. I am getting a map to the Andross bit so you can get the best possible combinations. Anyway here are some of the tricks:-

Meteor level skip

On Meteor level fly through the level until you come to the bit with the star things. When you fly through them you start to spin. Well fly through all of them and you will go into 'hyper, spinny, flashy warp mode' and you will be vaulted into a seperate dimension where strange things are afoot. Fly through. Hint : Shoot everything and constantly use bombs you get loads of power ups and bonuses so now is time to go for a high score. When you go all the way through you warp to medium hardness.

Sector X skip

On sector X go to the left at the cross branch. When you are flying towards the dodgy gates. Shoot them until they open. Breaks are pretty vital. Once you have shot open and gone through all the gates then you go to a place of acid and lsd.

Andross sucker shot

When Andross sucks in shoot a bomb. He swallows it and steam comes out of his ears. It saves alot of hassle.