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Turok:Dinosaur Hunter

This is my Turok page. If you didn't notice us all a favour and go away. In this page I shall give you all the cheat codes that you can type in to have such things as Big Head Mode and Infinite Ammo these are among many others. If any of you want to know where certain keys are, E Mail me and I shall tell you all.

The cheat codes are easy to type in. Just go to the main screen and go to the input cheat part then type these in:-

DLKTDR - This gives Pen and Ink mode.(a bit dodgy)

SNFFRR - This gives Disco Mode which makes the enemies dance. Why make war when you can make love, man?

FRTHSTHTTRLSCK - This little dosey gives you infinite lives.

THBST - Gallery of Ghoulies. Shows all the enemies in their glory. Play about with the buttons to zoom and stuff.

FDTHMGS - Shows the CREDITS. This is pretty amazing, and yes, sarcasm is still the lowest form of wit.

THSSLKSCL - This gives you infinite spirit mode. Very good with some guns because they fly very slowly....Bit of target practise....

CMGTSMMGGTS - This gives you all weapons including the Chronosceptre thing.

BLLTSRRFRND - Unlimited ammo for all weapons...Be warned if you like the normal arrows or normal shotgun shots, God forbid, then don't pick any of the Tek Arrows or Explosive ammo up because they dont run out.

DNCHN - The enemies are pint size. Very fun especially with the T-Rex boss. OH NO! Its the little thing chasing me from Jurrasic park....Spare ME!!

GRGCHN - This is not anything special, it just gives you some of the above.

NSTHMNDNT - This puts the enemies on the map, ready to hunt down.


LLTHCLRSFTHRNB - This makes the colours all purdy.

RBNSMTH - This gives a larger selection than Gregs.

NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK - This is the Ultimate you lots...use it....NOW.

If you are still wanting more then show what a funny guy or gal you are and shoot a tree with a chain gun, if blue smoke goes off and there is an enemy near by then shoot (the tree) the tree will fall on the enemy. HAHAHAHA.