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Being a games player I, like many others, love a challenge although when I bought it I didn't realise that I was heading towards one of the most difficult games....ever. So when I finally completed it I was happy, but dismayed at the end sequence. But, after braving the wrath of many a fire breathing news agent I found a nice way to do any level at my own pace, with out worrying about any organs parting company with me. I have added a complete help guide for multiplayer and a few new cheats to increase your pleasure....enjoy!

So here are the cheats that will make you look like a gaming God.

This first cheat is the coveted....Invincibility

If you are more a sort of skip level type then this code will be a winner for you. It allows you to instantly pick a level of your choice and play it.

All you have to do is press:-

A, R, Z, D-pad UP, D-pad Up, C UP, C DOWN

If you like to be a speed freak then thid cheat is more up your gives you infinite nitro.

All you have to do is press:-

B, B, R, D-pad UP, D-pad LEFT, D-pad DOWN, C UP, C LEFT

If you like to see all the colours trying to slap each other silly then just use this cheat. It gives you a headache after prolonged playing and is brilliant combined with unlimiteded nitro.

Just press :-

A, R, D-pad LEFT, D-pad RIGHT, D-pad DOWN, C UP, C LEFT, C DOWN


If you like waiting in a position for the enemy then blowing them to bits then use some of these to help your multi player skills.


When you have a titan missle on tube go to the top of the tube and go through the gap and point down. When some one comes past, fire. Then strafe behind cover. If the missle itself hits it wont be as good as if one of those explosive fragments hit so dont try and blast them stupidly....Not saying the missle is amazing but the fragments are better.


If you wanna confound the enemy then get 2 human players on one computer player and he will turn to get one person then change his mind then go for the other then he will (Well if you play your cards) right blow up.


REMEMBER MISSILES. So many times have people forgotten to fire those all important MAGS which would win the game. If you get MFRL's then hold down Secondary fire. Its like a Suss-Gun thats shoots missles which is great!


When chasing people and you don't have guided missles or Transpulses then always shoot ahead of them, or turn as you shoot in the direction they are gonna go and use strafe. This way you can hit a lot easier.