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It would seem that a lot of you want the cheats for this game. They would be useful but I am not allowed to do them until the cheats are released. I know that when you finish levels you get cheats.

Level 1 : Fruity Colours

I have some cheats from a guy called SATAN. A big thanx to him.

Big Head Mode : ubernoodle

Stick Men Mode : holastickboy

Small Enemies : pipsqueak

Big Hands and Feet : stompen

Pen and Ink Mode : igotaabfa

Garoude Mode : whatasatexturemap

Dark Mode : lightsout This is the Amazing GOD OF ALL CHEATS. If you own Turok 2 you must use this it has been sent in to me by thousands of people and I thank them all.


USE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!