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There is Nothing Here To See!

Please Go Away...

This is only here because I do not have the heart to delete this old web page I made when I was 17.

Silent Bob, back when he was quieter....

This is a column I wrote for False Sense Zine about the rich kids & their drugs
This here is some sort of twisted commentary from the one & only ZillahSees that will at least make you laugh, even if you don't have a clue as to what she is actually commenting on!
An interview I did in June, 1998 with Paul Motherbox. This is eventually going to appear in Ella Guru #8
Umm... the Death Rock Girl link died... So instead read what I write when I'm tired!!
Words of insight
Blue's Clues 2005 (an updated version of my classic 1996 piece on Steve Burns & Blue's Clues)
This is a picture of me & my mum. I dont look like that anymore...but it gives the general idea...I guess.
I MADE IT TO PROM! This is my favorite prom pic taken.
A picture of me & this guy I used to know
I got bored a few nights ago (11/7/01 to be exact) and wrote this. It has plenty of spelling errors and what not.
These are my records, en route from the basement to my other room upstairs. It was fucking miserable moving them all up 2 flites of stairs.

Those were me.... up there... A long time ago.

SO BEHOLD, MY Shagscolt! The offical page of Frank Zappa!
The Leaving Trains: I don't know how they think of themselves, but they are one of the unsung GODS of Alternative/Punk! Yes, yes, the one and only, truly great, Dogbowl! If ya don't know who he is, buy an album of his... The page of one imaginative artist.
SST Records:They used to rule... Home of decent movies if you like to laugh.
The Low Budgets: Great Rock & Roll band from Philadelphia! Has free music and entertaining columns for your eyes. My favorite band ever.

When Frank coined the phrase "Kill Ugly Radio" in 1967, nobody hoped that many many years later that the phrase would still be relevant
...but it still is!!

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