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How Do Dragons Fly?

The dragon is a marvlous creature.  Some don't even think they don't exist.  I believe they did.
For thoose who don't belive they did, and thoose who do,  this is how i belive they can fly.
Since dragons are very large creatures and their wings very small (for there size).  There is no way possible that they could fly without a larger wing span.  But what most people do not see is that there is more to it the just the wings.  I do belive that the dragon (once it is old enough to fly)  Was able to produce a gas (wich also made them breathe fire.) and store it in thier bodies.  Kinda like in pockets inside the stomaches.
When they wanted to fly they store the gas wich helped to make them lighter then the air.  Like a helium balloon.  When they breathed fire then they exspelled the gas.  And they are able to do this at their own disgression.