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Smokey will help you thoughout this page. But I must warn you! He loves coffee (soda too), and may try to steal your cup if you let him too close. He will not bite or even try to harm you in any way. But please don't feed him! To much caffeine and he will never rest! Thank you for understanding.
We will briefly go over two types of dragons: Chinese and Western.

Imagine four legs a long sinuous body with a snake tail. The horns of a stag head like a camel. Eyes that glow red much like a rabbit or a beast. Its neck is of a snake, belly of a clam and scales like a fish. The claws like an eagle, paws are similar to a tigers. And the ears like a bull. With a peril in their throat which symbolizes wisdom. They can be black, red, white, or yellow. Yellow is considered superior.



Have straight noses, round manes, thin tales and a strong tale.


The eggs are laid next to a river bank and buried deep not to be disturbed by anyone or thing. In 1,000 years the eggs will hatch. In 500 years the baby dragon will be known as a Kias (a scaled dragons) In 1000 more years it will be known as Lung (Proper Dragon) 500 more years known as a Kioh-Lung (horned) in 1000 more years it will be know as a Ying-Lung (Winged Dragon)

Types by purpose

T'ien Lung are keeper of the celestial gardens.

Shen lung Are known as the wealth makers.

Ti lung are known as the earth dragon they control the rivers.

fu-ts'ang lung are the treasure keepers.

The t'ien lung has five claws while the rest have three or four

Other interesting facts

Chinese dragons are afraid of the leaves of the wang plant, the leaves of the lien trees, quintuple colored silk thread, wax, iron, and centipedes.

They are 1 of 4 of the spiritual animals the other are phoenix, unicorn and the tortoise.