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One of our many visitors had sent me this following email, with his permission I have decided
to share it with you all.
To each of us a dragon is a different thing, a way of life, a real creature, or just
a part of our imagination.

Dear Mac,

I am not sure what has happened to you, as i have tried many times to contact you.  Just to let you know I miss you and hope all is going well.  As you can see, this part of the page you helped begin is going nicely, better then I had hoped.  And i owe you an undying thanks for everything. Even the smiles across the miles.  To you my friend I wish you luck in all you do from this day forward.

Always your friend,

For Mac its a way of life......

Shelly; I have a dragon inside me.  It is called the Sleeping Dragon.  It came
back with me from Vietnam. The Medical term is Hepatitis c. There is no cure
so, ever so slowly my Dragon eats me from the inside out.  Its' favorite part
of me is my liver.  We have learned to live together fairly well but at times
when I piss it off with a bad diet or to much stress it takes a munch and
 can cause me an internal bleed.  We know each other very well after 30 + years
and although it kills many sooner it prefers to let me live and in return I
 don't aggravate it with experimental cures or any type of treatments am
sure one day we will die arm in arm but until then I leave it alone and in
return it leaves me have another day.  I love it deeply and may not kill it
even if I can some day.  We have become very close as I have honored it with a
number of Tattoos.  I know the Dragon......Mac

To which I replied..................

I am sorry that the dragon has entered you in such of
a way.  and I hope my page did not offend you.

I am happy you are alive, for everyone I know has a
 dragon of some type with them weather or not they wish
 to believe it.  Mine is my past, things of which should
never of happened to someone so small,  and when it
comes to call there is no telling what will happen.
 But for the most part we live together in harmony for
 that is what we all should do

thank you for sharing your story with me it means allot
to me would you mind if i shared it with the people
 that do visit the site?

thanks a bunch

Thank you so much Mac you will always be in my thoughts, along
with many of our visitors.

For Sjefke the dragon is a companion

Hi there, i found your site, went through it and discovered the story. It touched my heart.
I'd like to share also something, though completely different then his (sad) story is. For me the
dragon is a companion on a daily basis. For years now i follow the basic beliefs of the native
americans in order having guide spirits with you. I discovered mine years back and was not
all surprised that along with the hawk there was a dragon. I always had the funny coincidence
of running in dragons everywhere i went, to the point of it being ridiculous. A elderly lady
came into my live, she tought allot of things about the native americans and
supported them and their culture. When i told her about the dragon thing she explained to me
why they just keep popping up. She learned me how to get in touch with him. I did and from then
on it was if i never have to be alone again. My life wasn't all that great, allot of bad
things and stuff. Whenever i don't have the strength and/or courage he appears in my dreams
giving me that. Once i had the honor of riding on his back and i actually woke up with a
muscle sore that i hadn't experienced since long. It takes allot for me to get a
muscle sore because i'm used to regular workouts and heavy work (i'm a welder)

Recently i had a chest operation and you may guess. There he was again, in this beautiful
green/blue color of his. I couldn't care less if the whole world tells me it's not there. I know
different, sometimes it doesn't have to measurable in science in order to be there. It's nice
to know there are more people like me. I hope this isn't to much a textbook.

Thank you again for your great site.
I hope to receive a mail from you.


My reply...

Thank you so much Sjefke, i loved the story and it will  be posted on the site soon, probably
by the time you get this.  I love the native ways as do you and i would love to know more then i do.

I would love to have a dragon following me, but as of the time being all i have is my angels
who watch over me, but sometimes they can be dragons :)

thanks again
see you soon
your friend

To Skylark the Dragon is a life......

To Nova's friend its Nova :)

I am a new member to the site but i like it allot.I have a dragon it's
inside me it's name is Nova.He lives inside me he works with God to
heal me when i'm sick and to make me do the right thing.But when i make hem mad he
make's me sick.We are very good friends I have been very lucky to know him.I
think he sleeps in my head cuz i get headaches allot i think that's him
sleeping but him and God heal me.he makes me right good poems.I's been nice
talking to you gotta go bye.

Nova's friend.

Hi, I've got a dragyn he lives in my head. His name is Lachlan. Like Nova's dragyn he gives me migraines when he sleeps but he helps me out a lot. You see i grew up in Scotland and when I moved here when I was 5 Lachlan kinda just moved in. I had built this little shell and I wouldn't talk to anyone he came and he made it snow on my birthday. I live in Texas by the way! I have pressure syndromes and a stutter to but he helps me deal with that. At first I was told he was imaginary everyone says he's imaginary. I know he's real though without Lachlan I'd still be living in my shell. Once when I was asked to do something I know i shouldn't have he came to me shimmering orange and yellow with his blue wings and green eyes and he helped me say no! You know now me mom says he's my conscience but he really is there and I hope people who read this can find their own drayns like my Lachlan!

Thanks for reading this
Dragyn McCuinn

hello Dragyn Mcuinn

i love your story. i believe Lachlan is real as well. I have a good and a bad dragon. (kinda tell me the difference from right and wrong.) Well last night i was helping a friend move. and the good dragon, angel, Told me to help pack her things into the moving van. Even tough i was "Good" and helped a friend in need. My bad dragon, Angas, somehow made me sprain my wrist. Don't worry i am ok just a bit rough to type at times.
your friend and Lachlan's too

I really like your site it touched me and my dragon friend very deeply. Although we have a little problem my patience is getting shorter and shorter I'm usually a person you could never piss off but know it is so very easy to make me mad, and my dragon friend although we are at peace now. Whenever I get really mad he likes to come out and hurt people and I really don't like that. I've tried to describe to people that are close to me which isn't very many that there's something inside me that I can not describe what it looks like but I would like to think it is a dragon because of its bruit strength and will to over power and do as it pleases. Oh yeah I'm having trouble thinking of a name for him though. You can do whatever you wish with this e-mail.

I like your web page a lot it told me a lot about dragons. Let me tell you about me, Im a 16 year old boy that lives in GA. Im about to tell you something that I do not tell a lot of people. I am able to talk to animals. Not like in doctor dolittle but talk too them telepathically. It might sound crazy but it is truth. My friend and I hear thing in the woods, but I now know what they are. They are dragons it my sound craze but i know that im one of them. I believe they are here to take me home. I Have an ability to draw power so that i can Punch hard as hell. I do strongly believe that im a dragon, I have dreams that im am one. I never thought it would be true. You people can laugh all you want but I know it is true. The people who believe me can E-Mail me at

Shelly, we all have dragons inside of us and many of us don't recognize it. I didn't recognize mine until just the past year when I went through one of the hardest times of my friendship life.

My friends, Casee and Barb, and I were getting into many fights. It's typical, you know? Three's a crowd, my dad always said. He was right. For a while, Barb and I were mad at Casee. Then Casee and Barb were mad at me. THEN, Casee and I were mad at Barb and it stayed that way. Barb isn't with us anymore.

Now, I look back and I wonder how I got through those times. I remember for some odd reason that I went to my teacher for help. She told me that the same thing happened to her and that she just went home and cried. She told me not to go home and cry but to just wait it out and let Casee and Barb come back.

I didn't know how I was going to wait it out. I remember walking home from my bus stop crying. And then I remember not crying. Like, suddenly another presence was with me and soothing me. A cooing voice from within, you know? It gave me strength and every time I saw Casee or Barb in the halls together, I'd look at them with a new strength. Without this voice, without this dragon, I wouldn't have made it.

The same thing happened four years ago when my mom had a stroke and nearly died. On my birthday, she was in the hospital, and it was raining. I didn't know how I could turn another year older without my mom there to see me. How can you turn nine and not have your mother see it??

Then there was the voice, and then I didn't know what it was. I thought it was Jimminey Cricket or someone like that but now, looking back, I realize it was my dragon, helping to guide me through tough times.

Now, I'm obsessed with the show Digimon, and Gabumon is my fave Digimon. I've always wished to have a friend like him, so loyal and trustworthy and brilliant. Now, I realize I have got a friend like him, my own dragon, my own Gabumon.

Even if you don't believe in your own dragon, they're with you all the time. And when you need someone to turn you and the world is cold and cruel, they'll be there to guide you. So a dragon is more than a friend; a dragon is a guide.


hello i have a dragon to but ,unlike most people, i don't have a story about how it appeared probably because it did not appear its all ways been there guiding me giving me strength like god himself (sorry extreme feminists) since i realized what this incredible life energy was i have made it my mission to search every where i can to find a picture that matches him and ,finally, i found one that is the attachment i sent you! his name is chace most my friends just think im on ecstasy but as i haven't touched a drug in my life (apart from caffeine) that's petty impossible! if you shelly want to e-mail me back (or any one else) please use this one

I have a dragon inside me it doesn't hurt me at all it always tells me to put armor on or something to that affect it has keep me out of danger and given me strength when I need as in a fight. I think it is a fire dragon but the two colors he can't decide on is blue and red. In his old form he was pretty mean now he feels at ease he has helped me with my poetry and many other things. I think his name is draco. well write back and you have my permission to what you want with this email.

Sincerely yours,
James J. Stanly

i also have an experience that i would to share. I have 2 Dragons living with me...sad to say they aren't' the good kind.

the first one is Rick, i didn't give him that name because he gave me birth. he's my father, and i love him very much. but like most Dragons they all breathe fire. His fire happened to be the second Dragon, his name is mister Drug

Rick lives with me, in my house and has gone to the caves behind cliffs twice now. He got out but the first time but it didn't keep him away from his so called friend. A year passed and as far as i know they didn't talk during that time. But then one day he didn't come to our wilderness. We were worried, then we caught a breeze that said that Rick was behind the cliff again. He got out again but he had to go see the Dragon up on all high mountains and he said that Rick would have to do 150 scary hours of night duty. Turns out that he got up to 250 and was ok for now, but now we don't have to leave our pasture. I love both Dragons very much, the first one for obvious reasons but the second one for bringing me home a whole new Dragon made of Polished Chrome.

I love your site Shell!


Heyla fellow dragon lover!
          I have many dragons who follow me throughout my life. At
          present one
          is with me right now and wants to know what kind of
          personality a
          bronze reddish gold would have. His name is Nanth. I hope
          to hear
          from you soon you can reach me at this E-mail Address. I
          give you
          permission to post this on your site.

          Wind to thy wings Ke'chara

Dear Shell,
    While browsing through your site ( which bye the way is one of the best I've ever seen) I came upon the page
"The Dragon Inside". After reading the letters something inside me clicked. You see, for some time now, nearly all of
my life, I have had a feeling that is hard to describe. In fact I can feel it as I am typing this e-mail. I have tried,
unsuccessfully for many years to figure out what it is. I was raised in a christian background and my called it a guardian
angel but that did not feel right so looked elsewhere. I have tried many belief systems to no avail. The closest I ever
felt to figuring (I don't think that's spelled right but oh well) out what it was is when I looked into the native american
beliefs and found about spirit guides. That; however, fell just short. Then just now while through your page and
reading those letters that it was my dragon inside. For me it not so much like a conscience( again probably not spelled
right) or a guardian or a manifestation of some sort. It is more like a part of me or what I am or something along those
lines. Almost like a split personality only not in the psychiatric sense. Anyway I just wanted to thank you and the
people who wrote the letters I read for helping me find out what that feeling was. I feel like a great chasm has just
been filled in my soul.
much thanks and love,
John Akers

A dragon lives in me, it keeps my heart pure, and helps me in tough times.....
   I am too kind so it freezes my heart when it senses evil and hostility, and I hurt.
I am blind and this dragon helps me see the truth about people, he heals me and I am
every time he helps.
         He is my guardian, protecting and wise.

Good Luck With Your Page,

Peter Oldak

For Allen it is....

          Hello my name is Allen. Im a nineteen year old
New York resident.  I have recently acquired faith in Wicca .  With
this my dragon unveiled herself to me. My dragon is  shy and
sometimes alludes my calls, but never in times of need. She guides
me through temptation. She will never let me lose sight of my
goals. She protects me and every thing I hold so dear. My dragon
never speaks down to me, she always understands me and most of
all she loves me and I love her.  Together we can conquer all

And Kim sent us this great poem

love by ice and hate by fire
be warned
be onered
be loved
be protected
by the the dragon is u
love over comes all

Thanks Kim i love it!!!!

and Carmel told us this... very touching

I'm not quite sure if this would fit in with your 'dragon inside of me stories' but I'll tell it to you anyway.
Ever sense I was little I've had this returning dream.  It would come about once a year although never at the
same time as the year before.  In the dream a Dragon would fly to my house from over a strange mountain
range.  There was always a feeling of joy when he came.  He was huge, and looked a lot like the picture
that you have on your 'dragon inside' page, only he was a dark green.  Everyone would go through there
normal daily things like he wasn't there.  He would lay down next to my house and watch me through the
windows.  I was always a bit frightened of him when he looked at me because I knew that he had a lot of
power.  But he would always smile at me and I could tell that he was there to protect me not to hurt.  In the
dream he would stay for about a week, then leave, fling back over the mountain back to where he came
from.  The morning after these dreams I would always feel protected, but still a little bit frightened of him.
these dreams would always come every year, until I was about nine.  They never came again after that, but
I still feel protected by him.
The thing that I think is strange about this is that I didn't even start to really like Dragons until after the
dreams stopped.  Now I love them and I will always remember my Dragon

For Stargal its this....

Hello Shelly,
    I was intrigued by the numerous letters on your web page.  I enjoyed the
letters and found myself thinking about something one of my martial arts
instructors told me about.  (for some fast background, she comes from a
kempo-mix style that is quite old and not well known in the US)
    She told me (in a nut shell) we can imitate (or become, or have with us)
a large variety of animals that have a variety of skills.  (These skills
range from mental to physical abilities such as thought, logic, speed, power,
ect.)  The dragon is the highest level that almost governs over all the others.
 The Dragon has all the abilities of the animals, plus one that it is
its own, wisdom over actions and thought.  The dragon is almost a level of
self awareness that is so high and powerful that many people never reach it.
    I hope that you found this at least a little interesting, It really
isn't a letter, but it is a little snippet of info

To auras.....

To me, my dragon is a sense of calm.  relaxing figure that helps me through
the tough times. My boyfriend, Ricky, and I went thorough a really tough
time, this one girl we know (she used to be my friend) kept trying to break us
up. She threatened us with our lives and stalked us. She got people, some of
Ricky's friends, to help her. We almost broke up, but instead we fought back.
She was dating Ricky's cousin, and we told him what she was doing. After
awhile he broke up with her. She then realized the pain of being dumped and
stopped harassing us. She does sometimes still threaten us and harass us but
not as much. Throughout the whole time, which spanned most of our 8 months
together (I think 6 months), there was this aura of calm, and serenity. I
believe that was my dragon. He helped us through this tough time, and is
still with us while those other kids haven't given up. I believe that dragons
are everywhere, and this particular one rests in Ricky and my hearts  and

To Boundary....

one time when i was very little i got very very sick. the night that i was about to die, something came to me
and i got better. all that i remember is the the feeling i had in my dream. i felt the awesome power of the dragon.
and i am still here today to help my dragon, because in my dream , beside the awesome power and sheer
magnificence, there was an overpowering need for something. i think that he/she is dying. but the memory
will always live on inside...
thanks for the site.

For Silver Dragon its this.....

Hello Shell.
I have recently seen your site and read the "Dragon Inside" stories and I have to say it is very
touching. Like all of you dragon lovers I have one too but it may be a little different than what you
My dragon I personally think is my past life, no I do not see any visions of the medireview times or
anything but I feel that she and I are two halves of a whole. She is my inspiration to draw beautiful
fantasy pictures and to write stories with my vivid imagination. She also is the love and kindness and
beauty that people see in myself. (just ask my lover whom I consider him a dragon too!)
My dragon counterpart is described as a silver pernese dragon with five toes on each paw, lovely
gold-colored eyes, a very long body which looks powerful yet gentle to the last scale. I always draw
my dragon usually watching over the mountains or tending to the weak. She is very sweet, intelligent
and artistic, that dragon is my creative and loving side that will always stay with me ever single day
as I improve upon my art and myself.
If dragon did ever exist in real life... I would be her reincarnation sent back to earth to fulfill her
destiny. What destiny is that? I'll find out someday....
Silver dragon

For Pramila

Hey ,
I just read the emails on your very nice and lovely Page, some of them made me smile some of them made
me sad, but what they all all had in common ,they made me miss my dragon.

I cant really describe the feeling ,i just only can say that i lost my dragon 3 years ago, and i don't know
what happened.

I mean it feels terrible, you know i used to be a professional singer and i studied music ,so my gift , my
talent was my dragon, was my strength, well then i continued my studies , although my dragon was gone by
then ,so after one year of doing this ,i quiet my study and it was the most terrible time i ever had i  really
lost everything .Now i am better again , but i cant accept the fact that i have to live without my beautiful
dragon( i called her always dragon, that was her name and i never had the feeling she's only female or only
male ,is that strange, well not for me) anymore, i think a lot about ,if it was my fault , but still i never will
give up the believe that i we will find each other again.

I hope you don't feel bothered , but i felt encouraged to write you, because of the stories red, it really gave
me that strange feeling.

so ....i would be pleased to hear from you
take care

For shei.....

your story sounds similar to mine; i too have honored a past struggle by having it tattooed upon my arm in the form
of a dragon.  every time i see it, i am reminded of the dual qualities it, and i, contain; both fire and ice, extreme
passion and overwhelming apathy.  in the world i inhabit now, my fire is squelched and abandoned in pursuit of
human existence.  i feel that when i am finally free of this flesh, i will return to my fiery roots and . . .well, that part i
have forgotten.  thank you for stirring the memories - i feel much stronger now.   shei

For Dark Dragon Master...

Hey Shelly I came to this site and read these peoples stories and i have one to tell.  I also have a dragon
inside of me its called the dragon on loneliness.  Whenever someone tries to get close to me my dragon
chases them away because he scared i will get hurt.  He only agrees with one of my friends and we are
really close.  I love my dragon and wouldn't give him up for anyone.  But it would be nice if he didn't chase
every girl away.
Thanks for listening
Dark Dragon Master

I would love to take the time and thank each and everyone of you for
taking time out of your busy days, and sending me a line, letting
everyone what your dragon is, or how it came by.  Thank you all,
and keep them coming.

Do you have an experience like the one above and would like to share it with
the ones that visit our site?  Please email it to me and it will be put up
as soon as I can.