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Get it? Dragon Personalities? I thought it was funny. You heard of Bones, Mr. Spock and Captain James T. Kirk. Meet the newest member of the Star Trek crew, Flames!

All dragons have a different personalities. I bet you didn't know that. (Most people don't) There personality all depends on what color they are. Here is a list saying what colors mean what.

DEEP RED: Strong willed and passionate, when the put their mind to something there is no stopping them. DARK GREEN: These dragons are more in tune with nature, very caring and excellent healers.

PURPLE: Dramatic and vibrant, can be a little snobby sometimes.

YELLOW: A color to match their sunny personalities. Cheerful and up beet but sometimes, these dragons are a little bit to carefree. They are always willing to lend a hand they are a little too egotistical.

WHITE: Kind and modestly elegant but are quite shy.

LIGHT GREEN: Fidgety by nature, these dragons are always alert and not happy unless they are busy.

LIGHT BLUE: They are spacey and their head is always in the clouds, but very friendly.

ORANGE: These optimistic, artistic dragons are quick-witted but have a short temper at times.

ROSE: Although rather submissive, these dragons have great ideas and look at the world though rose-colored glasses. (lol)

BLUE: Deeply intelligent, these dragons hate to be interrupted when they are thinking. Loving to read and good at magic.