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In stories the knight in shinning armor killed the dragon to win the hand of the beautiful princess.  But what did the dragon really do to deserve it?  Di he terrorize the town?  Or was his only crime just being a dragon?
I believe his only crime was being a dragon.  People tend to be afraid of what they don't understand.  Please don't miss understand me,  I am not saying that all dragons were good.  The few that were bad ruined it for the rest of them.



In legendary Hsia (c. 2205 to 1557 BC) of the kings collected foam from the mouths of two ancestors who appeared in his palace in the form of the dragons.  He put the foam in a box.  No one in the succeeding generations dared open the box.  At the end of the region of the 10th king of CHow dynasty (c.110 to 221 BC) the box was opened.  The foam spread threw the palace.  The king made his wives appear naked before it.  It became a black lizard  and entered the women's apartments.  An extraordinary pregnancy occurred.
Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology


A visitor to our site sent me this, I hope you all like it

i live in wales, our national flag is the red dragon!
the story is that  once the whole of the island (u.k) was the dragons land... but one day a white dragon flew down with it's army... the english!... the forced the red dragons(cymry) back to the southen coast.(wales) here they traped the dragonsand the english dragon hunted across the land for the last female welsh dragon, he found her and her offspring... but the welsh dradon forght the eglish and his army over a life time to infinty.. the welsh dragons lost thier lives fighting for there freedom.. but cymry has alwaysed lived on in the welsh hearts.. as we deffeted the english!!