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The Cascadian Flag, also known as "the Doug", designed by Alexander Baretich.

Map designed by David McCloskey of the Cascadia Insitute
and Professor of Sociology at Seattle University.

© 1994 Cascadia Institute

Links updated 11 February 2015

A definition of Cascadia by Alexander Baretich

Cascadia is a bioregion. A place. Cascadia is a toponym, place name that is applied to the Pacific Northwestern corner of the North American continent. For some, Cascadia invokes the idea of an independent country. For others Cascadia inspires a challenge against all the wrongs of industrial civilization, the struggle against the domination over Nature and the rebellion to remain in nonconformity. In Chinook Jargon (Chinuk Wawa) this bioregion is Chinook Illahee. Cascadian, is an adjective or demonym, which means someone or something associated with Cascadia (the bioregion). Bioregions are defined by watersheds (river drainage systems), water cycles and often the biodiversity within them. Bioregion literally means “life place” from the Greek word βίος (bios), meaning "life” and from the Latin word regionem meaning "a district, portion of a country, territory ... a direction, line; boundary line, limit." Bioregions unlike nation-states are defined by natural processes.

Cascadia as a geographic region includes all of Washington State, most of Oregon, British Columbia and Idaho as well as northern California, parts of northwestern Wyoming, northwestern Montana, northeastern Nevada, the northwestern corner of Utah, southeastern Alaska, and the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory. These modern political entities (states and provinces) are the results of colonization and political circumstances that have led to the bioregion being carved up into two countries and numerous smaller political entities such as states, provinces, counties and districts.

Bioregionalism is about decolonization of the map (cartography) and liberation of living Earth. Bioregionalism is about reinhabiting and rooting oneself in the land and dynamic communities that are the bioregions. It’s about shifting from a dominating (power over) the “other” worldview to a worldview that embraces a holistic approach. From a bioregional perspective, to describe Cascadia in geographic terms, Cascadia can be found in the flow of water, the abundance of life and the energy that throws forth mountains. The bioregion of Cascadia can be defined by the great hydrologic cycle (also called the great water cycle) that occurs within the Northeast Pacific and along the western edge of the North American continent. As a natural demarcation of the bioregion of Cascadia, that cycle begins with the evaporation of water from the Pacific. That ocean water is then transformed into water vapor, taking form as mist, fog and clouds. The water then falls as rain, hail, ice and snow as far east as the western slopes of the Rockies.

There is a Cascadian movement. The movement is diverse in strategies and is a decentralized movement across the bioregion. Within that movement there are different organizations or groups that push the idea of independence from the US and Canada as well as groups and individuals that have set out to encourage a shift in our fundamental thinking about the human relationship and interactions with the bioregion and the greater biosphere. There are within the movement those that believe the strategy should be one of simple political secession and the possibility of a political party. There are those that believe in a strategy of resistance and decolonization of the Cascadian bioregion. The Cascadian flag (designed by Alexander Baretich) has become a very popular icon of the movement is flown and won as patches among the soccer (fútbol) fans and is popular in the microbrew community as well as among environmentalists and socioeconomic justice activists.

In 1941, there was an attempt among residents in counties along the California/Oregon border to secede from their respective states to form what would have been the 49th state, the State of Jefferson, with the town of Yreka (in California) to be the interim state capital (Consequently, most people in those counties cast their votes for the Republican Party in the 2004 Presidential election when both Oregon and California went Democratic).

In the 1970's, writer Ernest Callenbach proposed a new nation in his novels Ecotopia, and its "pre-quel", Ecotopia Emerging. These books describe a new country, formed from the secessionist states of Washington, Oregon, and the northern area of California, that is based on sustainable development and steady-state economics.

These links are what I have found concerning Cascadia. Their content varies greatly. Some are strictly informational, while others lean to the political left or right by considerable degrees.
- Some are Cascadian secessionist, or promote the bioregion itself for self-sufficiency.
- Others are secessionist within the region (such as the Western Canada Project).
- Still others are simply businesses and organizations using the names "Cascadia" or "Cascadian" to associate themselves with the region.

In a 2011 article in TIME Magazine, the "Republic of Cascadia" was listed as one of the "Top Ten Aspiring Nations", noting its abundant natural resources, the fact it is home to several multinational corporations (Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon) and that it is home to a thriving film industry in Vancouver, BC (often called "The Hollywood of the North").

This list will be added to as more websites can be located. In the meantime, please peruse this list. If you know of any other sites that should be listed, please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Wikipedia listing on the Cascadian independence movement is here.

Kelton Sears' short film, "O'Cascadia", about the Cascadian movement.

If you have any questions about the listings of any of these websites, please read this legal notice/disclaimer.

An Anthem For a New Nation
by Skookum Tamanawis

"Kwanesum Chinook Illahee" is Chinook for "Land of the Chinook Forever".

55th Cascadia Scouts

"A Traditional Scouting Association for the US that is open to boys and girls, men and women and focused on a traditional, open and inclusive, outdoor program." - from the website
Member of the World Federation of Independent Scouts, and affiliated with the Baden-Powell Service Association.

Alberta Republican Flag
Alberta Republicans

"Alberta Republicans is a web site devoted to intelligent discussion of the overwhelmingly positive argument for Alberta's political, cultural and economic independence from Canada. In essence, we favour a new nation. Not sovereignty association (whatever that is). Not American statehood." - from the website

"Cascadia, Cascadia"

Satirical "national anthem" composed by Dan LaRocque (aka "Larry"). Listen as an MP3 or RealPlayer file, or better still, buy his CD "Skips Like Us".
(Dan, if you're reading this, seriously consider more political lyrics for this. The melody is very stirring and would make a great flag-raising song, or something to sing at rallies.)

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Substance abuse services provider in Portland, Oregon.

Cascadia Brass

This is a musical ensemble in the Seattle area, but their website seems to have vanished. If anyone can provide me with an update, please do so!!.

Cascadia Capital LLC

Commercial bank based in both New York City and Seattle, Washington.

Cascadia Commons

A discussion group on Cascadian bio-regional affairs, but not necessarily on independence.

Cascadia Commons Cohousing - Portland, Oregon.

"Cohousing -- a new take on an age-old impulse -- started in Denmark 30 years ago, came to the U.S. about 10 years ago, and is gaining enthusiasts in every state. Private home ownership along with shared common ground and facilities draws people who are looking for more connection, and the opportunity to share and to learn." - from the website

Cascadia Community College Bothell, Washington.

Cascadia Confederation
Cascadia Confederacy ("Moving Towards Universal Self-Determination")
Website missing. Link to archived website.

"The movement for an autonomous Cascadia Confederacy springs from the desire for full sovereignty and self determination for all people and peoples in our region (Indian, Metis, and non-Indigenous) to be able to organize ourselves into communities and other social groupings as we see fit, and to live as we choose without interference. We hope to form a regional support base and link up in a confederated fashion with the many indigenous peoples of the region in order to help reestablish full cultural and political autonomy and sovereignty - attributes that are repressed under the current nation-state arrangement of Canada and the United States." - from the website

Cascadia Council of Scouts Canada

Cascadia DVRT Systems

Surveillance video company in Cheney, Washington.

Cascadia Education Project

"Cascadia Education Project offers educational, participatory, and collaborative opportunities to the public of the Cascadia bioregion for the purposes of fostering an awareness which holds local culture and ecology as foundations for the sustainable and holistic reinhabitation of the bioregion. CEP adheres to the “Cascadian principles of unity”, also known as “the common bond” of a unified Cascadian culture, and in doing so commits to supporting and disseminating the principles held therein." - from the website's Mission statement

Cascadia Football Federation

Group attempting to start a non-FIFA football (soccer) team.

Cascadia Forest Goods
Cascadia Forest Goods (Ecological Forest Products)

"Cascadia Forest Goods, LLC, is an integrated Forest Products company, working from the forest to the marketplace. When you buy from Cascadia Forest Goods, you will be getting quality forest products from forests where sustainable forestry and restoration is practiced. You can be assured that your money is be invested in protecting healthy, diverse forests and in sustaining healthy communities through jobs that add value to make our products. - from the website

Cascadia Graphics and Publishing - Lyle, Washington.

Cascadia Importers

Portland, Oregon home brewing supplier.

Cascadia Inn - Skykomish, Washington.

Cascadia Institute Flag
Cascadia Institute

A project of Columbiana Magazine and the Columbia River Bioregional Education Project.
"Columbiana is devoted to sharing ideas of how to live in place, in the land drained by the Great River of the West, the Columbia River and its tributaries." - from the website

Cascadia International

Truck dealership in Alaska and Washington State

Cascadia International Resources LLC

Mining firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

Cas Soft Formerly Cascadia Internet Marketing and Web Development, Portland, Oregon.

Cascadia Matters

"Cascadia Matters is a collective effort of writers, artists, educators and media activists. We come together as storytellers unraveling the narratives. Our aim is to highlight the emerging ideas, struggles and times of our bioregion and beyond. In a world surrounded by chaos and an environment on the brink of devastation, we live in onerous times. While we all can acknowledge that a global economy demands infinite resources to continually grow, the dominant culture is unwilling to confront the fact that we live on a finite planet. Here in Cascadia, we feel the need to do things differently. There is an emerging movement to dismiss this pattern and culture destroying place; our intent is to contribute through public awareness and communication." - from the website's Mission statement

Cascadia Media Collective [CMC] ("Guerrilla Media From Eugene, Oregon")

"Cascadia Media Collective is an uncompromising group of guerrilla journalists producing videos, audio CDs, pamphlets, and other multimedia projects. Our goal is to not only inform people of social injustice and environmental destruction but also to strengthen and mobilize the community of resistance." - from the website
As of 18 November 2006, this website has vanished. An archive of the site, via, can be read here.

Cascadia Monorail Company LLC

"On November 8, 2005, the Seattle voters rejected Proposition No. 1, a ballot proposal which would have allowed the Seattle Monorail Project to proceed with a shortened alignment from Dravus to Alaska Junction. The proposition was voted against by 64.4 percent of the voters.
"On November 9, the Seattle Monorail Project board of directors passed a resolution rejecting the negotiated agreements with Cascadia Monorail Company, canceling the request for proposals and formally terminating the procurement.
"We share the disappointment with many of you at the demise of this viable project; however, we respect the will of the majority of the electorate. We have the utmost regard for the dedication of the SMP board and staff, and the many citizen volunteers who contributed to this project. Our team had looked forward to a long and productive relationship with the citizens of Seattle to transform these plans into reality.
"We want to thank the hundreds of citizens we met and talked with in many community and individual meetings over the years. Your feedback has always been welcome and helpful in guiding our efforts to ensure you would have a system you would be proud of having in your neighborhoods, riding often and comfortably, and proudly calling your own.
"As of December 9, 2005, the downtown offices of Cascadia Monorail Company will be permanently closed. We will no longer maintain this Web site or be able to respond to inquiries.."
- from the website

Cascadia Now!

"The Cascadian Independence Project is a grass-roots social movement dedicated to building awareness and support for local democracy, global community and the freedom and eventual independence of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. Cascadia is a unique coastal-mountain bioregion between San Francisco and the Alaskan panhandle in which the dominant culture is one of respect and honor for the environment and a strong tradition of democracy and social justice."
"By working in our communities around the Pacific Northwest, the Cascadian Independence Project works to strengthen personal freedom and maintain a robust local economy while creating a sustainable society that values and protects our unique ecosystem. America is too big, and our interests are better represented by the people themselves, rather than in a distant seat of power."
- from the website

Video promoting Cascadia Now!, set to the music of "Kingdom" by VNV Nation.

Cascadia PDX

"Where the bioregionally-minded come to connect…"

Cascadia, Oregon City Guide


Patrick Muncaster's website on Cascadian regional awareness

Cascadia Project
Cascadia Project ("Commerce, Community and Conservation")

"The mission of the Cascadia Center is to support the development of a balanced, integrated, and expanded transportation system for people and goods in central Puget Sound and the greater Cascadia region of Washington, British Columbia, and Oregon. Such a system will ensure the region's ability to facilitate trade and tourism across a secure border and expand technology and infrastructure for global competitiveness in a manner that promotes livable communities." - from the website

Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW)
"Sharing Information to Promote Mitigation"

Cascadia Research Collective [CRC] (Scientific and Education Organization)

"Cascadia Research is a non-profit, tax-exempt (recognized by the IRS under 501c3) scientific and education organization based in Olympia, Washington. We were founded in 1979 primarily to conduct research needed to manage and protect threatened marine mammals." - from the website

Cascadia Revolving Fund (Nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution)

"Cascadia Revolving Fund envisions a future where Pacific Northwest individuals and their communities have the means to reach their full potential and achieve economic, social, and environmental health." - from the website

Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense (Environmental Activists)

"Cascadia Rising is a regional network of environmental organizations in the Pacific Northwest (aka Cascadia). We recognize and value strength in diversity of tactics, and some of our member organizations use the principles of nonviolence, civil disobedience, and direct action to prevent the destruction of our increasingly scarce native forests. We seek to approach the problems of environmental degredation at a bio-centric manner." - from the website
UPDATE: Website appears to have shut down in June of 2007. Archived website can be read here via

Cascadia Rising Blogspot

Cascadia related weblog run by John Mahar.

Cascadia Society for Social Working

Special Needs Group Home in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Cascadia Summer
Cascadia Summer (Environmental Activists)

" The Cascadia Summer campaign is made-up of a diverse group of local conservationists fighting to protect forests, streams, and wildlife. We recognize and value strength in diversity of tactics. During Cascadia Summer, activists will be engaging in a wide-range of tactics from civil disobedience, tree-sits, public outreach in urban and rural areas, lawsuits, political pressure, and popular education. Trainings in direct action, non-violence, blockading, legal issues, and much much more will be provided." - from the website
As of 20 February 2007, this website has vanished.

"Cascadia, the Free"
A folk song by Little Bear and the Foster Villagers (via Soundcloud)

Cascadia Times (Regional Environmental News Publication)

"Cascadia Times is the only publication based in the Pacific Northwest serving that region with in-depth coverage of environmental and natural resource issues. The Pacific Northwest is a region where issues of clean water, endangered species, forests, marine mammals, grazing, hydropower, industrial agriculture, organic farming, mining, salmon, bears, coyotes, wolves and mountain lions are backyard, everyday issues." - from the website

Cascadia Training

Social services training agency in Seattle, Washington.

Cascadia Web Studios

Website developer in Seattle, Washington.

Cascadia Wiki

For many things Cascadian.

Cascadia Wildlands Project
Cascadia Wildlands Project [CWP] (Environmental Activists)

"Defending the forests, waters, and wildlife of the Cascadia Bioregion"
"The Cascadia Wildlands Project (CWP) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1997. The CWP is dedicated to defending the forests, waters and wildlife of Cascadia by monitoring environmentally destructive projects and educating, organizing and agitating for a more compassionate and responsible relationship with the ecosystems of our bioregion. We take aggressive, no compromise stands against logging, road building, mining and other unsustainable resource extraction activities in wild places."
- from the website

Cascadian Bioregionalism Discussion Group

Cascadian auto stickers and flags are available for sale, as well as on other media and designs.
Also: UBCWiki:Cascadia

Cascadian Building Maintenance

A janitorial service in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.

Cascadian Chorale and Cascadian Singers

A mixed chorus with chamber ensemble in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. The Cascadian Singers are a semi-professional ensemble of the chorus, performing primarily acapella concerts. They have recently recorded and released a compact disc.

Cascadian Farm Logo
Cascadian Farm

According to a report on Portland IndyMedia, this was originally a collective of farmers in Washington State. The company is now a division of General Mills.
According to the company's own website, in 1998, along with Muir Glen Tomatoes, it "became part of Small World Foods", which in turn was purchased by General Mills. The company offers over 100 products made with organic ingrediants.

Cascadian Independence Project
This group also runs a Facebook page.

Cascadian National Party flag
Cascadian National Party [CNP]

"The CNP, the Cascadian National Party is a new political party representing the peoples of Oregon and Washington that are frustrated with the political, economic, social, and cultural indifference that has been imposed on our land in the last several years and now feel that the 'grand experiment' called the United States has become redundant and therefore the time is coming for the states of Oregon and Washington to go their own way. The CNP political leanings are neither extreme left nor extreme right. We have views that adapt elements of Libertarian, Progressive, Environmental, and Nationalist beliefs. However, the main goal is for our states to gain independence in a democratic and legal manner." - from the website
Not affiliated with the "Republic of Cascadia [RoC]".
This website was last updated in 2003.

Cascadian Nurseries, Inc.

A wholesale-only nursery located in the Tualatin Valley, west of Portland, Oregon.


"This forum is for discussion of the viability and courses of action necessary for building a secessionist movement in the Pacific Northwest bioregion known by many as Cascadia. In the 1970s, Ernest Callenbach envision Northern California, Oregon and Washington State are a new ecologically grounded utopia in his noval 'Ecotopia'."
"Cascadia has had various names in the past and present. The Oregon Country or later Oregon Territory was the name applied by English speakers in the late 18th century. Chinook Illahee was the name for the region west of the Rockies in Chinook Jargon. In the 1970s environmental utopian novel by Ernest Callenbach the region was called Ecotopia."
- from the website

Alberta Flag

"Secession is not treasonous. The Clarity Act specifies a legal means by which a province may separate from Canada. This legal framework for separation is what this website advocates." - from the website

Free Cascadia

"We want to spread the awareness of the unique nature of the Pacific Northwest, where people have always blazed their own trails. We hold that it is once again time to consider our commonwealth, to speak for a sustainable future separate from the suicidal path of environmental, spiritual and societal destruction inherent in the rise of the corporate state." - from the website

Freightliner Cascadia

A line of long-haul trucks built by Freightliner Trucks, a division of Daimler Trucks North America.


Article on the "Ecotopia" concept.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Portland, Oregon based brewery. Producers of Secession Cascadian Dark Ale (Seasonal: Available only from January to April).

Kingdom of Cascadia Flag
"Kingdom of Cascadia" (Hypothetical Nation Project)

"'The Kingdom of Cascadia' is a sort of thought experiment I've been carrying on since the late 1980s, kind of a laboratory in which to try out various ideas for how a government ought to be structured (and whether one ought to exist at all). It's also an excuse for designing a lot of flags." - Andrew Rogers (from the website)

"The McCall Initiative" by Lisa Nowak

A series of Kindle edition books by Lisa Nowak, set in 2063 after Climate Changes has ruined much of the USA and the Pacific Northwest has succeeded to form Cascadia. The first of these books is free (link above), but there are presently 4 in the series.

Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia

Seattle-based affiliate of the War Resisters League and National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.

Notes From the Road

Photo essay of the Pacific Northwest.

Portland IndyMedia (Discussion Board on Cascadian Secession)

Radio Free Cascadia
Radio Free Cascadia [RFC] ("An online organizing center for free radio direct action in the bioregion of Cascadia")

Includes historical information on two "special event" radio stations, Radio Free Cascadia International and Y2WTKO.
As of 18 November 2006, some of these websites have vanished.
Archived websites (via
Radio Free Cascadia
Radio Free Cascadia International
The tracks from the CD "Five Days Over Seattle" and a .pdf of the insert booklet can be downloaded here, courtesy of

Radio Paradise
Radio Paradise

Web-based listener-supported radio station from Paradise, California (which would be in southern Cascadia). It features a great selection of music, and probably reflective of what Cascadian culture could become.

Cascadian Flag
"Republic of Cascadia" [RoC]

This website is run by Lyle Zapato, who operates a number of satirical websites. This one, however, features links to legitimate organizations devoted to Cascadian independence (However, the "Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus" and "Sasquatch Miltia" logos link to his satirical sites).
The flag he has designed for Cascadia (pictured above) appears to be the most popular so far, and stickers with the flag are available from his website (Sales are reportedly brisk). Web-buttons can be downloaded from this site as well.
Not affliated with the Cascadian National Party [CNP].

Republic of Cascadia
{The Bioregional Cooperative Commonwealth of Cascadia}

Apparently a serious website. This contains detailed news and information about the region and its people.

Seal of the SPA
Separation Party of Alberta [SPA]

"For almost 100 years, Alberta and the West have been trying to become real members of Canada and true, equal partners in Confederation. These efforts have proved fruitless. It is time to move forward and protect Alberta's future. It is time to stop the financial and emotional drain caused by an incompetent, unresponsive political and bureaucratic nightmare called 'Ottawa'." - from the website

U.S. Green Building Council: Cascadia Chapter

ViveLeCanada (Discussion Board on Cascadian Secession)

Western Canada Concept [WCC]

"Here you can sample the Western Separatist Papers, read about the history of Western Canada and why Independence, in our view, is the only solution to historical grievances. You will also find links allowing you to participate in building a new nation by joining in this peaceful, political movement." - from the website

"Who belongs in the Pacific Northwest?" (Link updated!)

The first in a series of articles produced by the University of Washington's Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, all of which are worth reading.


Cascadian Bioregionalism
Cascadian Conservation Corps
Cascadian Nationalism

"Cascadia Rise" by WCX



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