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Welcome to my world! I am Ceaira of The CardCaptors Squad! Back on the other page, you all know that I have produced a internet series called The GemCaptor Chronicles. Well, I have built this new page to hopefully give those who are fans of the series a better understanding of the world of GemCaptors. You'll find out info on all of the Kayo Gems, new characters, pictures I've drawn, and of course the stories themselves! I plan to try and write four seasons, with Season 1 following a somewhat similar storyline to the show during the time of the Clow Cards. Seasons 2, 3 and 4 will have totally original concepts. So now that you're ready, proceed into the GemCaptors World!




Background Info

GemCaptor Chronicles



Kayo Gems


Episode Guide/Gems Captured/Gems & Card Used

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