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Guide to Kayo Gems Captured/Used & Cards Used

Her ya people. If you simply want to know what gems got captured and what got used, but don't want to search the stories? Well this is where this chart comes into play! Here you'll find out what gems and cards were used, what gem got captured, and WHO got the gem! Well, enough talking from me, enjoy!

Kayo Gems Captured

Kayo Gems Used

Sakura Cards Used

Kayo Gem Previewed

Season One- The GemCaptor Chronicles

1. Amazon Firey Sword Watery
2. Storm Firey, Amazon Windy, Fly, Sword, Shield, Jump Mist
3. Watery * Firey Freeze, Firey, Thunder Snow
4. Snow & Freeze Firey, Amazon Firey, Jump, Fly Flower
5. Nightmare N/A Mirror Move
6. Sand & Gravity Amazon Silent, Erase, Shot, Dash Fly
7. Dark Firey, Watery Sword, Light Shadow
8. Rain + N/A Watery, Fly, Shield, Sword, Freeze, Jump Memory
9. Windy * Firey, Watery, Amazon, Freeze N/A Bubble
10. Jump Gravity, Amazon Jump, Wood Star
11. Illusion Jump, Firey, Nightmare Dash, Sword, Jump Lunar
12. Fly Jump Jump, Fly, Power Solar
13. Thunder Fly, Dark Shield, Fly, Jump, Dark, Shadow Earthy
14. Fight @ N/A Fight Song
15. Earthy * Watery, Firey, Windy, Jump, Fly, Amazon Watery, Windy, Firey, Fly, Jump, Wood Hatred
16. Create, Move Jump Fly, Jump Manipulation
17. Glow + N/A N/A Time
18. Light
19. Dash, Agility
20. Star *
21. Memory

Additional Notes:

( * )- Gems Aquilia needs to return to her true form
( + )- Gems sealed that Sakura recieves
( % )- Gems sealed that Li recieves
( @ )- Gems sealed that Meilin recieves

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