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Tools Used in GemCaptors

Hey there once again. Want more info on the tools, especially those used by Ceaira? Well step right up ladies and gentlemen, and read on to find out!

Star Wand/Star Key

The Star Wand is Sakura's most powerful staff which she's ever possessed. In the past, it had the power to transform the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. Now, it is used simply to summon them, or to have with her when Sword is needed. If it weren't for the wand, Sakura's powers would be nothing. When not being used, the wand is kept as a Star Key which has a similar resemblance to the wand.

Clow Sword

Li's Clow Sword has just as much strength as Sakura's Star Wand, for it is able to summon the Sakura Cards as well. However, unlike the wand, the sword can summon elemental magic either on it's own, or with the aid of the ofuda's. Li is an ally you don't want to be without when fighting magical foes.

Kayo Bow/Syona Key

This is probably one of the most powerful weapons in the series so far in Season 1. Ceaira's Kayo Bow has many purposes. One of them is to fire arrows which are able to shatter and summon the Kayo Spirits from within their gems. IT's second use is to seal gems by firing arrows of light created by her magic, which engulf the form before transforming it. It's third purpose is to fire other types of arrows created by her magic. However, these arrows are elemental. When not used, the bow is kept in the form of an arrow pendant.

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