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GemCaptors Introduction

GemCaptors is a fanfiction series which takes place two years after the events of the Sakura Cards series. Parts of the original storyline have been cut or removed to make the GC series much more interesting and exciting. These parts include:

1. Tori and Julian relationship. They are but best friends now
2. Li never told Sakura his feelings yet
3. Eriol & Miss Mackenzie relationship, that's gone because of what is planned for Eriol

However, the Sakura Cards play a vital role in the new series. Sakura, Li, Madison, Kero, Yue, and Meilin later on, face a new threat. First, a little background info.

The Kayo Gems were created by a powerful sorcerer named Clow Kayo. Now he was the brother of Clow Reed, the creator of the Clow Cards, but they didn't get along too well. However, the six guardians, (Keroberos, Aquilia, Spinel Sun, Ruby Moon, Yue, and Sabaki,) were all the best of friends. They hated seing their masters feud and so they made many attempts to get them to resolve their differences. However, they refused to listen.

They then created the Clow Cards and Kayo Gems to battle each other. However, the mother of both of them hated them fighting, so before dying of sorrow she sealed the talismans away in two different locations. Aquilia was sealed directly into the Kayo Chest, along with the spirit of Sabaki. Keroberos was directly sealed into the cover of the Clow Book, along with the spirits of Yue, Ruby Moon, and Spinel Sun. The book was then hidden within a temple in Japan, while the chest was sealed away inside an egyptian tomb.

The Kayo Gems contain more power than the Sakura Cards, which make them harder to battle. There are 76 gems in total. Some of the new gems include Amazon, Gravity, Nightmare, and Star. One gem name has been modified from it's card name. And of course, counterparts of the Clow Cards exist within the gems too. (ex. Firey, Sword, Mist, etc.). However, they are more powerful than the cards.

In order to seal a gem, the powers of Kayo are needed. One with Kayo Blood must be the one to do so, basically they need to descent from Clow Kayo, and they must possess magic. Two descendants were originally chosen to share the gem power, but one had her life taken before that day when the chest would finally open.

The Kayo Gems of course, have their own distinctive personalities. They are normally calm and friendly, but upon their freedom they became dangerous and savage, like wild animals on the African Plains. If they were not captured soon, then the world would be in dire peril.

Now for the main captors to come into play:

Sakura, the Clow Mistress
Keroberos, the guardian beast
Yue, the Final Judge
Madison, the costume designer
Li, the descendant
Meilin, the martial artist

These are the warriors of Clow. Relying on the powers of the cards to provide hope, power, and a peaceful future, they will do anything to protect the city of Reidenton. When the Kayo Gems appear, they will defend their home with the power of the cards, now converted into Sakura Cards.

Now for the Captors of Kayo:

Ceaira, the main GemCaptor
Hannya, the desceased protector
Aquilia, the guardian beast
Sabaki, the Final Judge

They have been bestowed the force of Kayo. Ceaira is alone in the battles against the gems until her arrival to Reidenton, where the gems fled after being freed. She and Aquilia will team up with the CardCaptors to fight this new threat before Reidenton is destroyed by the gem's powers.

This is the end of the introduction. If there is anything not here that I should add, please give me a shout at and I'll write back as soon as I can. Thank you for taking the time to read the intro. I hope this helps upon your commencement of Episode One: Wrapped up in Trouble. See ya!

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