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The Kayo Gems

This is the place to be to find out more information on each individual Kayo Gem. They are in the order in which they are captured in the series, (which means Firey is not gonna be first). You know the drill of course, click on the link to get the profile. (pictures coming soon). Enjoy!

Amazon            Storm            Watery            Love            Friendship            Snow            Freeze            Nightmare            Sand

           Gravity            Dark            Rain            Windy            Jump            Illusion            Fly            Thunder            Fight            Earthy

           Create            Move            Glow            Light            Dash            Agility            Star            Memory            Solar            Float

           Masquerade            Rock            Mist            Flower            Voice            Song            Wood            Firey            Time

           Shadow            Gemini            Lock            Power            Change            Shot            Wave            Spirit            Cloud

           Lunar            Erase            Libra            Bubble            Arrow            Sword            Shield            Crystal            Silent

           Sleep            Through            Return            Big            Little            Emotion            Dream            Mirror            Maze

           Loop            Mirror            Ability            Sweet            Chaos            Hatred            Hope            Mimic            Manipulation

           Transform            Void            Magic            Apocalypse            Seal

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