Frederick Thomas Kean
1860 - 1906

Frederick Thomas Kean

Grave Stone
Written Memorial

Frederick Thomas Kean was born in Pools Island, Newfoundland on the 16th of September 1860. He died in Pools Island, Newfoundland on the 2nd of April 1906. He was the son of Benjamin Kean and Meriam Spurrell. He married Lucy Anna (Hannah) Knee on the 15th of December 1879 in Pool's Island, Newfoundland. She was born on the 27th of May 1858 in Pool's Island, Newfoundland. She died on the 21st of April 1921 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was the daughter of William Knee and (insert name).

Lucy Anna Knee

Baptism & Confirmation

(L to R back row): Edith Blanch Kean, Karl Fisher Kean, Abner K Kean,William K Kean.
(L to R front row): Frederick T Kean, Frank Hirschfeld (married to Blanch),
Elsie Maud Kean, Eleanor B "Nellie" Kean.
He had 9 children:
Edith Blanch Kean

Lillian M Kean

Elsie Maud Kean

William K Kean

Hilda M Kean

Karl Fisher Kean

Abner K Kean

Eleanor B "Nellie" Kean

Frederick Job Kean

b: 24 October 1881

b: 18 May 1883

b: 26 July 1886

b: 7 March 1890

b: 2 December 1892

b: 23 June 1895

b: 16 July 1897

b: 7 July 1899

b: 25 October 1902

d: 12 Dec 1972

d: 5 April 1942

d: 16 December 1955

d: 27 January 1965

d: 6 January 1897

d: 10 April 1950

d: 24 June 1987

d: November 1947

d: 24 October 1989