Elsie Maud Kean
Elsie Maud Kean was born on the 26th of July 1886 in Pool's Island, Newfoundland. She died on the 16th of December 1955 in Pool's Island, Newfoundland. She was the daughter of Frederick Thomas Kean and Lucy N Knee. She married Felix Spurrell in 1910 in Pool's Island, Newfoundland. He was born on the 6th of May 1889 in (insert location). He died on the 23th of January 1957. He was the son of James Spurrell and Susan Janes.

Felix Spurrell
She had 6 children:
Frank Spurrell

Minnie Pearl Spurrell

Ena Marion Spurrell

Frederick Thomas Spurrell

Leopold Spurrell

Lucy Hannah Spurrell

b: 5 December 1912

b: 20 February 1915

b: 21 June 1917

b: 9 August 1919

b: 17 August 1921

b: 18 October 1927

d: 26 January 1992

d: 2 January 1998

d: 1 November 1999

d: 31 August 2001

d: September 1934

d: 19 November 1992