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This website is an information portal into the history of the KEANs and LOVETTs of England
(Exeter and Sussex), New England (Boston and Salem), Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

The KEAN surname is Gaelic in origin (Ceann), meaning the head, the top, a chief, a commander. This KEAN family can be traced back to West Teignmouth, Exeter, England in the early 1600s. They eventually migrated to New England (Salem and Boston, Massachusetts, USA) in the late 1600s and finally to Newfoundland by the early 1700s. Captain William Kean became the first justice of the peace commissioner to preside in Newfoundland in 1750. One of the first murder cases to be tried under the new court system was that of his own. He had been murdered in a robbery in 1754. His son, William inherited the family business and position as magistrate. This website displays a comprehensive history of the Kean Family beginning with William Kean, born around 1633 to the present day.
First found in Buckingham, England LEVETTs were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D. Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: Daniel LOVETT who settled in Salem, Massachusetts in 1630 but more importantly Charles Henry LEVETT (originally from Alfriston, Sussex, England) married Elizabeth CURLEY in Halifax County, Nova Scotia in 1876. Together they had three children, Ellen Stace LEVETT, George William LEVETT and Mary Ann LEVETT. It is believed that Charles Henry LEVETT was mortally wounded in the First Boer War of 1881. The spelling eventually evolved to today's version: LOVETT.

Aside from the interesting link to the Norman Invasion and the Battle of Hastings, there
is an incredible military history in the lineage of these two families. WALL OF HEROES

There are two marriages that bring the KEAN and LOVETT clans together. Algernon Philip LOVETT and his
brother George Patrick LOVETT married Marion Lillian KEAN and her sister Catherine Marie KEAN (respectively)


Enjoy this unique and sometimes profound family history as it describes some of the more notable characters;
Doctor George Heath, Head Vicar of St. Georges Chapel and buried in Windsor Castle, Captain William Kean,
owner and ship builder, as well as his nephew Captain Abram Kean, OBE; the world's most famous sealing captain.

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