Here in the miscellaneous section, you can find Questions, how to submit that story or picture you've drawn and would JUST love to see here, and anything else that may (Or may not be) important and won't fit under any of the other sections. 

About me:  Due to popular demand, (Or lack thereof) I've decided to make an about me section on my site.  Hopefully something in it will be useful in the future.  

FAQ:  If you actually want to find out something about me (Don't everyone all jump up at once...), want to find out why this site was created, or just can't live without seeing every little corner of this site, then this is the place for questions!

Submission Guidelines:  This part is a must see if you want to submit a picture, story, or want to link to me.. 

Disclaimer: I was tempted to put this on the main page but finally decided not to.  I don't really think many people'd be interested in it, but it's an essential part of almost all websites so here it is.

Special Thanks: This section is a spot to thank all the people I feel like.