Well, here you are at the info section!  It's here that you'll find all sorts of info (Guess you gathered that from the title, eh?) on Nameksei-jin in the form of facts, character biographies, and anything else I can think up.  This section may one day have episode info, but it's kind of hard to compartmentalize that into Nameksei-jin related episodes, so wait and see.  And check back often, in case I've added that tidbit of information you've been searching for!  Also, if you can think of something that you'd absolutely want to see here that I may have missed, don't hesitate to tell me, I don't mind. ^_^

Nameksei-jin facts:  Sure you know that when a Saiya-jin with a tail glances at the full moon their power'll increase tenfold and they'll turn into a giant ape (Well, you know now), but what are some of the special things about the Nameksei-jin?  Come here to find out!

Nameksei-jin bios:  Here they are, the character bios, where you can find information on the Nameksei-jin that play a main role in the Dragonball series.