Sure, it's fun reading all about Dende and the others, looking at pictures of Piccolo beating the heck out of yet another villain trying to destroy the universe, but what happens when you don't want to be serious, and would rather sit back and laugh for awhile?  Well, if you're smart (Just kidding) you turn on the TV and watch a sitcom, but if you're like me, then you go to this humor section!

What they're really thinking:  A section dealing with pictures of our favorite warriors!  What were the characters really thinking when these screen captures were taken?  Let's find out!

Movies!:  Looking for some of the worst voice acting ever done?  Want to see a horribly cut and edited tiny little skit?  This is the place!  I'm hoping this'll be a recurring section on my site, but this one's harder to update... anyways, enjoy!  

It's not much, but more zany humor sections are coming soon!  Really!  A lot of great things are being thought out for this section!  ...  Little do they know that nothing's really planned at all!  Ahahahahahahaha!  ...Wait a second, did I just type my thoughts?