Past Updates

    Been away for an extended period of time?  Want to see what's new besides what's in the little text box thingy?  Well, if so, this is the place to look.  Of course, given my track record with updates right now you could probably leave for a month and little would have changed...  ^^;;;

10/7/02: Quote of the moment: ARRRGH!  5 more yards!  Just 5!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

If you're wondering why I didn't update on Sunday like I planned to, and where the quote comes from, this is all you need to know...

Today's update is a lot bigger than the one from a few weeks ago, but still focused on the fanart section.  There're four new pictures submitted by Velasa, a nice picture submitted by Jasper, and in the WTRT section, three new fan submitted WTRTs! ^_^  

Also... if I've said it before, I've said it again, please, PLEASE try to make sure picture submissions are in .JPG format... not pasted into a word document, or a .psp file... both those types of files eat up enormous amounts of my oh-so precious mailbox space.  

Finally, there is a new submission address...  This isn't an address for feedback or anything, but if you've got anything to submit, it stands a much better chance of getting through there.  That is all, enjoy!

9/21/02: Quote of the moment:  "I'm alive, dammit!"

Well, I guess I'm back, in some way, shape or form.  I know I've said that before, so I wouldn't trust myself either, but regardless, I've had some fine submissions from people, so they deserve to be up here. ^_^

First, there's a fine fanfic by Siona in the fanfic page, and a fine fanart from Velasa on the fanart page!  And there's a fine guest submitted "What they're really thinking" On the "What they're really thinking" page!  

There isn't really any new material by me... ^^;;;  But hey, if you've got an idea or a creation, feel free to submit it!  At the very least, I'll be trying to be a bit more consistent with those types of updates...  I still don't know what's going to happen with this place, but for now, it's going to stay up and running. ^_^  Thanks to all of you who sent supportive e-mails, suggestions, and of course, submissions!  Thanks for... *Censored, because everyone probably knows it already* 

2/06/01: Weekly words of wisdom:  "Shoes don't taste good..."

Not too much of an update today...  There're two new chapters of Velasa's fanfic in the Fanfiction section, accompanied by a nice new fanfic by Onyx. ^^  In the fanart section are three new pictures courtesy of Velasa, as well as one by a new submittee named Anime 12234.

Besides this, there is also an important announcement on the main page...  That's all for now. ^^  Thanks for stopping by!

1/10/01: Cremrock's Weekly words of wisdom:  "Long live Cuba!  O_O...  No sir, I'm not a terrorist..."

*Ahem* Anywho, it's time for another update! ^_^ Today there's a new section, manga scans! There're also two really good fanarts by the one and only Jasper! ^_^

Besides the wonderful pictures, there are three new chapters of Velasa's fic, "Dreams"! Besides that're two new chapters of my latest epic, Tainted Soul...

That's it for this update! I'll be updating again soon with more scans, and some other things... ^^

As always, ::drumroll:: Thanks for stopping by! ^_^ ~Cremrock

P.S.: No, Neoslash isn't in command of the site, he's just my slave- er, helper! ^_^ Also, a hearty thank you to all you fans for your support... @_@ 8,000 hits... I can't even count that high... 

12/30/00: I am now in charge...MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ahem...seriously though this is Neoslash, Cremrock finally agreed to letting me have a stab at "cleaning up" this site. I won't do much in terms of "taking over", writing fics, bios, or anything like that. I will more or less be the HTML guy, when Cremrock wants a new look, or need something fixed, I will be the one to do it. In this VERY small update I cleaned up the update box and navigation table by adding code to automatically resize to whatever resolution you have. I lose you? Good! HAHAHAHA! Ahem, umm, thats all for now... especially because I promised I WOULD NOT update his site tonight ^^;;;; Oops. If for some reason the nav table or update box does not work now please email me Thanks!!!

12/19/00: Well, I did it again...  anywho, theres a chapter of C vs. D included in this update, as well as two chapters of my new epic, "Tainted Soul".  Besides these, there's the beginning of a great new fanfic by Amanda Swiftgold, "Anima Dark".  Last but not least, there are some new chapters of Velasa's fic, "Dreams".

There's also a new section up under miscellaneous, the Awards section.  Look for awards you can win soon, and thanks again for the award, Chibi-Piccolo Diamao!  

Finally, there might be another change to this site soon, I've been pondering one...  ^_~  Further details as events warrant.  

As always, thanks for coming by!  ^_^  ~Cremrock

11/25/00: Wah!  It's finally back!  After weeks and weeks of being lazy!  J/K ^^;;;  At any rate, I'm back with a new layout and a new resolve.  To start, I apologize for taking so long with this update as I had some things to get arranged, and of course, this new layout to worry about.  Thanks for being so patient!  ^_^

Now, on what's with been updated, almost every page has been modified in some way...  

There's a new fanfic in the fanfic section (By someone other then me, no less!  ^^) and three new chapters of C vs. D!  Under the fanart section are several new pieces of fanart, and the links section has three new links.  There are some new WTRT's in the humor section, and a brand spanking new section, polls!  Go see!  ^^;  Besides this, the special thanks section has been extensively rehauled, and there are a handful of new images (All from the Trunks DVD) of Piccolo in the images section.  

That's all, but I'll be updating again soon...  thanks for being so patient with the lack of updates, and as always...   Thanks for stopping by!  ^___^  ~Cremrock

10/24/00: Not too much to report for this update, except for another chapter of C vs. D in the fanfiction section and a little addendum to the movies (Located in the humor) section, so that if the flash movie isn't working you may click on the link and download the flash program whatzit...  I apologize for the lack of updates, (I know, I know, always apologizing...  oi...) I've been super busy with play practice, but now it's almost over...  of course, I'm also super nervous now, but oh well...  O_o  Gah, I was going off a bit there, sorry...  ^_^  Anyways, thanks for stopping by!    ~Cremrock

10/17/00:  Well, I was planning to update later in the week with a nice-sized fanfiction update, but I decided to post what I have now...  my buddy Neoslash and I made a flash movie, and it's debuting for a new humor section... movies...  please go see it and say what you think. ^_^  I also added one link...  it's to a new site called Nameks Online, and I strongly recommend you check it out if you're a big-time Nameksei-jin fan.   That's all for now... thanks for stopping by!  ~Cremrock  

10/4/00: Guess who goofed again?  I apologize sincerely for the lack of updates, I had a "I finished the Neru bio...  what the heck am I gonna do next?" letdown, a massive case of writer's block, school and testing... oi.  O_o  I can't guarantee another update soon, but I'll admit I finally have a few ideas again, so I doubt there will be another "two week gap".  (I won't guarantee it, as we all know by such stunning examples what happens when I guarantee something...)  I'm also toying with completely redesigning this site's layout...  At the very least I'm going to run around completely rewording everything... it's been roughly four months since this site opened, it could use a change, right?  Riiiiiight.  It might take awhile, but it will happen eventually.  ^^  Also, many many thanks to everyone who frequently visits this site, I'm very grateful none of you have sent me a "Hey Crem!  Get off your lazy rear and update!" type e-mail.  Heaven knows that I deserve one, the way these updates have been...  ^^;;;;

Anyways, I'm getting quite good at talking incessantly before saying what I'm gonna update, so onward!  There are four new "What they're Really Thinking's" in the humor section, and I've started a new fanfic in the fanfiction section!  (It's not a sequel to N-BF yet, sorry folks, I've resolved myself to not start that until I'm confident I can make it as well as I did the first one...) Instead it's a return to my (I hope) humorous roots, seeing as it's the sequel to Dende's Day Out.  It'll be awhile, it's soooooooo big, but hopefully each chapter will be jam-packed with humor!  ::Ducks::  In the links section there are two new links, one to a Nameksei-jin related club called "The Green Rapture" and one to an insanely funny Nameksei-jin humor site, "Piccolo Pixies".  If you wish to submit something, you all should also be aware that the submissions page has changed, I've changed a few of the rules.  I'll probably be adding a poll's section soon as well...   As always, thanks for coming on by!  ^___^  ~Cremrock

9/20/00:  Whoohoo!  Whoohoo whoohoo whoohoo!  Er... sorry.  On with the update!  There are six brand spanking new "What they're really thinking's" in the humor section, a new piece of submitted fanart, several new links in the links section, and finally, the first bio's up! It's in the information section...  go see if you wish!  ^_^  It sure took longer then I thought, but Neru's bio is finally up...  

On a side note, since I'm too lazy to update the thank you page, (Did I say that out loud?  Uh oh...) I'd like to thank Tomoro for alerting me to the fact that the Temple o' Trunks' link submissions were open, and I'd like to thank the Temple o' Trunks itself, Well, Meri rather, for accepting my link submission...  can't say much on the subject, other then that it gave my confidence in this site (Hey, I'm truly not as negative as I always joke around as, but still... ^^;) a nice swift kick in the butt, or else this Neru bio probably wouldn't have been finished by now...  ^^;;;  On another note, it looks like my "Update every two days" thing fell through... again...  ~_~  Oh well, I'll just have to resolve to update more frequently...  look for an update to the fanfic section soon!  ^^  As always, thanks for dropping by!  ~Cremrock 

9/13/00:  It's a tiny update today, but it's a start!  There's four new images and one new "What they're really thinking..."  I apologize for the tiny update, but I couldn't just get my Neru bio done in time...  With luck it'll be done in two days, though.  ^_^  Thanks for stopping by!  ~Cremrock

9/11/00:  Okay, no excuses this time.   I have to admit myself, lately the Neglected Nameksei-jin Shrine has become, well... neglected.  So it's time for drastic measures.  Measures I will regret later, but oh well...  ^^;;;;  Starting 9/13, I am going to attempt to update this site with SOMETHING every two days.  I mean, face it, right now the only thing I'm really updating is fanfiction, which I love, but my goal of getting Dende and Neru a respectable place on this page is going slowly...  they need bios!  Oh well, my rant is over, right?  Wrong.  It hasn't really come up much yet, but I have stated that if you want to use some images for your site, I would appreciate it if you e-mailed me and ASKED for permission, then used them, rather then saying in a guestbook message (No offense) "Hey, I took a few pictures, I'll be sure to link to you, okay? Blah blah blah..." C'mon people, I'm happy you like my pics enough to use them, but please...  I pride myself in knowing that even if this site stinks, (I'm optimistic today, aren't I?) at least I haven't stolen any pictures or anything like that...  Bleh!  All that ranting is done!  

Now for what I updated... it's not much, but...  in the fanfiction section, I am happy (Well, maybe a bit sad too...) to announce that my epic Nameksei: Before Freezer, is finished.   Well, this part anyways, there could always be a sequel... (Hint Hint) In the links section, two great sites, Dendeshe's Lookout and Tomo-chan's realm of insanity (Also renamed!), have moved.  If you've visited them as often as I do, your bookmarks are probably already updated, but if not...  there they are.  There's a new pic in the fanart section, but it's a bit weird...  ::little proud boy voice::  "I made this!"  ^___^  And send in your stories and art!  I'd love to see 'em and post 'em!  

What else?  Well, he'll probably never read this, but being the last minute king, I have forgotten to get my brother a birthday present for his sixteenth b-day tomorrow.  So if you're reading this bro, happy birthday!  Don't run me over when you learn to drive before me...  Think of all the times I've provided you with a nimble little target to chase around when you've wanted to kill something!  ^^;;;  

Can I get a big, "You know what's coming next from all you visitors"  ::bored voice::  "Thanks for stopping by..." ^_____^  ~Cremrock, Who's going to accept the title, "The procrastinator" until he gets off his rear and gets crackin' on this site...  ^^;;;

9/01/00: Argh!  I'm taking entirely too long to update! ~_~  Well, I apologize for that.  School's started, and I can't stay up till 2 AM like I used to be able to.  At any rate, the surprise is about done, but it's pretty image intensive, and I'm almost out of space until my request for more is approved...  Oh well.  I'm sure it'll come any day now.  Anyways, Tomo-chan's realm of insanity has turned into Tomosei, so there's a change in the links section.  There's a new chapter of Nameksei: Before Freezer as well.  I'm working on a new humor section (It's not the surprise), so hopefully that'll be up soon.  Till then, enjoy the chapter!  You know what's coming next, right?  Thanks for stopping by...  ~Cremrock  

8/21/00 (Again): This isn't really much of an update, but the link to N-BF chapter 6 was broken earlier today.  Many thanks to Nails_Girl_2000 for pointing this out.

8/21/00: Today there are two more links in the links section one to Jasper's Jigoku no Sekai, and one to Eternal Bob's DBZ/RPG site.  Contacting info was added to the main page if you feel the urge to chat.  The message board has been moved down to it's own section on the main page and is also up on the navigation bar now.  As far as fanfiction goes, there's another chapter of N-BF for you to read, and ::gasp::  I have another picture for the fanart section!  There are a slew of new images in the image section and also several more "What they're really thinking's" in the humor section.   I apologize for taking so long to update, I just haven't had much inspiration (Not to mention that with the video card down, all I really have is fanfiction and fanart...) fortunately, I finally got it in and it works ten times better then my old one, so updates should flow much more smoothly now... on a side note, if you have any fanart, send it in, I'd be glad to look at it and put it up...  please?  =D  Of all the sections, that one's suffering much more then the fanfiction, simply because I can write but I can't draw... but of course, if you have a story you want to submit, please please please send it in for me to look at.  Okay, I'm practically begging, but I don't mind.  I have a small surprise for the next update that should have been ready for this update, but I couldn't get it done in time...  wait and see.  ^_^  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope the next update will be to celebrate 2000 hits!  ~Cremrock 

8/8/00: Gasp!  I did it!  I updated!  Well, this is a big update for one small reason...  I got a message board!  Yes, I have joined the throngs of sites that have 'em, even after saying that I probably wouldn't.  I might get rid of it someday, it depends how it goes.  Feel free to drop by and say hi!  On another note, there's a new chapter of N-BF in the fanfiction section if you're in that "Die Cremrock die!" mentality after the cliff-hanger ending of chapter 4...  I'll leave the below poll up for another week, as I still haven't decided yet.  On another note, I got 1000 hits since the last update... thanks for all your support, people!  As always, thanks for visiting!  ~Cremrock

7/31/00: This update is small yet crucial to the future of this webpage.  Before I get into the big poll right below this, the links and fanfiction sections have been updated.  It's certainly not the kind of update I like to have after yet another week, but at least the chapter of N-BF is longer this time...  =D.  Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about changing this website around a bit.  As you may have noticed, I'm not updating too often.  (At least, I feel I haven't.) Right now it just isn't that fun to update, and at the same time I'm not really making any major contributions to the DBZ community.  (Argh, why'd I have to read all those thought provoking editorials...) 

Right now it seems all I ever do that I actually enjoy alot about these updates is fanfiction and humor.  At the same time, while it's not the most fun in the world, I really want to at least get those bios up, because let's face it, I'll say it again, how many Neru and Dende bios are out there?  So right now, my initial thought is this. 

 Make a completely humor (For the most part) page, but downsize this site a bit and have it be a sort of mini-shrine located with the humor site, containing the bios and any serious fanfiction and fanart that I (Or others) come up with.  (Still haven't decided if I'd destroy the image section or not, in this case.)  I'll be blunt.  I still don't know if I'm going to do this, and this poll may or may not influence the decision. 

 There are a few other choices as well, but the one above is my initial thought. I'd like to know what everyone else who visits the site thinks about this.  Incidentally, I'm keeping an eye on the hit counter (Wow, it's really exploded in the past few days... what'd I do? =D) when this update begins, because I don't want people voting, clicking on the back button, voting again for the same thing...  etc etc.  So don't do that, because if I wind up with more votes then I do hits since the last update, I'm going to be a little suspicious.  That's about it.  Thanks for stopping by, and please vote!  And thanks to all the people who've signed my guestbook!  See ya! (Note:  Don't get in a "Someone voted that Cremrock's stuff stinks!  I'm going to kill that person!" type mood if there's only one vote there.  I needed to test this poll somehow...  ^_~)

(On another note, it looks like I'll soon have a new video card rather then fix the "Evil screen capturing" printer, and I'll be pouring through my tapes and DVD's to kick-start a new humor section. (Or depending how the poll and my own personal thoughts go, a new humor site!) Stay tuned!)


7/25/00: Well, due to a colossal blunder on my part (Apologies again) I forgot to add a link that by all rights should have been added last night.  Nothing to do better then to correct the mistake and apologize, so at any rate, there's another link in the links section.  Thanks for stopping by, ~Cremrock

7/24/00: Okay, I did it again after saying I wouldn't.  It took another week to update, and to add to the fun, this update isn't very big.  With a fairly comical *snap* the input section on my Evil Video Capturing Printer broke, just as I was beginning to get images from the DVD's that finally arrived.  I'm not going to say much on them (Hey, that's what sites like Planet Namek and Daishenzhuu EX are for, ^_^) other then that I found them to be pretty good.  Anyways, if anything good comes of this, it's the fact that now I can focus on more of the written aspects, and can't pull my rear out of the fire (So to speak) and save myself with a bunch of images and call it an update...  =)  Anyways, the only things that have been updated are the links section (Hmph, only one more link, and if there's anyone who's never been to that site and is a DBZ fan, I'd be very surprised...) and a chapter of Nameksei-Before Freezer has been added.  Come on people!  Send in fanfiction and fanart!  I'm not picky...  (Sniff) Don't make me start drawing pictures!  And send in feedback!  And well I'm making demands, sign the guestbook!  I want to know what you think this site needs!  Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee....  As always, thanks for stopping by!  ~Cremrock

7/17/00:  Whoohoo!  As of today this site's been up for two weeks!  It may not seem like a very big deal but it is to me, at least... anyways, as promised, I hope today's update is a pretty good one.  Due to what is perceived by me as an act of divine intervention, it seems that my screen capturing printer is working for now.  It still captured some pics in black and white, but it was significantly better then it has been for past updates, so a whopping 23 new images are in the image section.  There's a new chapter of Nameksei-Before Freezer up, as well as six new "What they're really thinking's"  Added to the humor section.  There's one new link, and there's also an about me section if you care to know anything about the site's creator.  The FAQ section is going to be rewritten one of these days, but for now I looked over it for confusing parts and corrected them.  I'm working on something new to add to the humor section, and hopefully I'll have the links section expanding soon... send any fanart or fanfiction you would like to see submitted.  Well, that's about it, hopefully I won't sit back and do nothing for a week like last time... as always, feel free to tell me what you think, and thanks for visiting! ~Cremrock

7/16/00:  Argh!  I'll admit it, I've been quite lazy lately.  It has been a hectic week full of it's twists and turns, and I'm finding it difficult to believe that the site is nearing it's third week.  At any rate, apologies to anyone who's been waiting for updates.  I absolutely promise that unless my computer conks out on me, there will be a halfway decent update tomorrow, bad video capture printer (Long story) or not.  Since I feel way too awkward updating just to let everyone know of my state of affairs, I did manage to get three more images up.  They're not much, but at least it's something...  As always, thanks for stopping by.  See ya,  ~Cremrock    

7/09/00:  I'd like to say that this is a nice huge update given the three days it's been since the last one, but it hasn't.  In truth, I was hoping those subtitled DVD's I ordered would show up by now, as I was counting on 'em.  Of course, they didn't show up.  When (If, at least that's what it feels like right now) my DVD's ever arrive, there's going to be a massive update of pictures and things like that.   I might even be able to get a biography up.  Oh well, enough promises I'm probably not going to keep!  (Er, disregard that last sentence.  Really!) Time to look at the positives.  There's two new fanfics (Well, one is my work in progress) in the fanfiction section!  The other one is by Kuririn Fetish, and is the first fanfic I ever received from soneone else.  Thanks!   As always, thanks for coming to the site, despite it's utter lack of completeness/timely updating.  Later, ~Cremrock

7/06/00:  Well, this is a very small update, but I just might update later today, and if I don't I wanted to get this up.  One new link to the Namek Universe on the links page, because every self-respecting Nameksei-jin site needs a link to that site...  and other than that, there's now a guestbook, so you people can taunt me, nag for updates, verbally bash me...  hey, wait that's a bad thing!  Uh... just tell me what you think... or just say hi...  As always, thanks for stopping by!  ~Cremrock 

7/04/00:  Well, wouldn't I know better then to start this site the day before the fourth of July.  This is hardly the massive update to all sections I hoped it would be, but hopefully it'll be worth something.  The welcome picture on every major section has been replaced with their own separate images.  Most of them are (Admittedly)  Cheap blown up rehashes of the images in the image section, but at least now you can tell what section you're in at a glance.  More images would be up, but my video capture device has been putting about 90% of the pictures I capture in black and white.  Hopefully I'll get the problem fixed, and may or may not remake (Yet again) the section pictures. (Probably will once I get a bigger collection of DVDs and videos to capture from, that huge Cartoon Network symbol in the corners bother me...  maybe I'm just crazy...) Aside from that, there are three new What They're Really thinking's in the humor section, I actually have gotten a few links up on the links page (Heck, you probably found your way to this site from them so they might not be all that useful...) and hopefully I'll be getting a guestbook up soon...  Why'd I have to pick the week guestGEAR is down to unveil this site...  But, I'm rambling.  Happy Fourth of July, and thanks for stopping by!  Since the site is very NEW, I'll probably be updating tomorrow as well.  See ya, ~Cremrock 

7/03/00:  Site posted today.  Currently has one fanart, one fanfic, a couple images, and various other things.  The next update I'll be clearing up any mistakes I've made (The site IS new, after all, and I'm definitely not perfect...) Adding to virtually all the sections, and hopefully I'll be able to think of enough images to replace the welcome sign from being on every page...  Stay tuned, and thanks for coming by! ~Cremrock