It is here that you'll find Fanart, which has been divided up according to the picture(s) done by respective artists.  Some of them go hand in hand with fanfiction, some of them don't, but all have a place here.  If you would like to submit any of your drawings then go to the Submission Info. section.  

Tomo-Chan, of Hiyasu-My Son fame, along with other excellent fanfics, was so kind to  submit this excellently done picture of Neru and Dende that, oddly enough, runs with a specific event in a story I've been writing, even though I hadn't actually said anything about the event.  Must be ESP.  It's also the first fanart I've ever received!  Thanks!  Regardless, here's the pic!

This picture is drawn by yours truly, since I got sick of RP'ing as a paper-clip with an attitude and decided to get myself a real body...  It's certainly not going to win first prize in an art contest, but at least it's got a lotta green!  What self respecting Nameksei-jin fan wouldn't wear a lot of green?  ::ducks::  It's not too well drawn, but I was happy with it.  (Gee, I've got such high standards for my fanart, eh?)

These are some sketches of Piccolo drawn by Velasa.  Woohoo!  Submission number 4!  It may not sound big but it's big to me!  Keep those submissions coming, people!  ^^

Here are three more pictures!  These correspond with her fanfic, "Dreams Forgotten and Stories Told", and all have neato titles that help to explain them!

Childhood Blossoms

*NEW* And here's a kick-butt pick of Neru!  

After the last update, Velasa submitted a slew of pictures! w00t! Here they are, in no particular order...

This is a fine close-up penciled picture of Neru, with excellent detail and shading.   

Here's a picture of Piccolo dressed as he is in the 'fusamichi taku', or ACT, doujinshi.   

Here's a picture of Piccolo and Oboe entitled "Dance with you"... It's in full and vibrant color, and I love how the eyes look...  

This one's another picture of Pic and Oboe, staring closely into each other's eyes.  It's simple, yet somehow elegant (At least, I think so anyway...  I'm crazy, after all. ^^; )

Dendeshe submitted this picture of Neru awhile ago, and said I could still use it after shutting her site down.  Thanks!

Amanda Swiftgold submitted this excellent picture of Dende. Thanks!  ^^;   Sorry it took sooo long to put this up...

Iyo Ichi drew this pic of my RP self, the self proclaimed Jinzouningen!  I like it!  And the caption's funny... ^_^ (I used to RP as a paper-clip...  ::ducks::  That should explain the caption.)

Jasper drew a picture of my RP self too...  ::ducks:: It's very well done, although I still have no idea why everyone wants to draw little ol' me...  Not that I'm complaining.  ^^ Thanks!

A couple of years (Wow, I've been around longer than I thought o.O ) Jasper drew an "updated" picture of Cremrock.  So viola!  Here it is! 

Jasper also drew these simply awwwwwesome pictures from two of my favorite stories (Well, the two favorite stories I've ever written), Dende's Day Out and Nameksei: Before Freezer.  Sankyuu soooooo much!  ^_^  They're simply incredible, Jasper-san's really getting the hang of PSP! (Paint shop pro) 

Here's an interesting pic of Piccolo, Son Goku, and Vegeta as babies, drawn by Anime12234.