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Links For Personal Empowerment

Empowering Links:

Annabel Burton - Astrology
By Region - a national registry for the healing arts.


Poetry Links:

Life's Journey
Love Poetry: Both Classic Love Poems and Submi...

Spirituality Links:

A Brief Introduction to the Chakra System
Create-A-Book Personalized Children's Books
Dolphin Meditation
Gary Zukav Home Page
Holistic Health Corner
I Ching readings and resources with Clarity
Improving Me
The Lightshift by Ken Kalb
Links to Tony Hillerman-Related Sites
My New Attitude
A Revolutionary New Approach to Meditation Te...
Spiritwalk: Roger's Notes
Under A Full Moon
Welcome to Char Online
Writers Manual

Financial Links:

Personal Lifestyle Reading - I offer a Personal Lifestyle Reading using Tarot that looks at past, present and future influences in your life, at the energies that are currently available to help you along your path, and at those energies that are appearing as challanges. My goal is to offer you insight into your decision making process, as well as tools that you can use to both better understand your path and make conscious, choice centered decisions.

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