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~ Gary in full Monty? ~

The newspaper "The Australian" had an aricle on a radio station
which asked listeners to call in with names of celebrities they would
kindly donate a sum of money to see in the Full Monty.
Some suggested Gary, and we would would not exactly have said no either...

Here's the story!

Which of our stars will join Mac and go the Full Monty?

By SONIA MADIGAN, The Australian, July 12, 1998.

FORMER Crows captain Chris McDermott and former State cricketer James Brayshaw are apparently game.

But what about the likes of AFL hunks Tony Modra and Matthew Primus, Channel Ten newsreader George Donikian, businessman Albert Bensimon, Channel Seven newsreader Graeme Goodings, and the Human Headline, Derryn Hinch?

Are they prepared to go the "Full Monty" in the name of charity.

That's the question being posed by radio station, SA-FM, which has asked listeners to ring in with the names of celebrities they would kindly donate a sum of money to see in the raw.

Money raised would go to the McGuinness-McDermott Foundation.

The proposal follows the success of a similar fundraiser in Sydney earlier this month when some of Australia's most popular male identities including Jack Thompson, Bryan Brown, Jimmy Barnes, Angry Anderson, Ernie Dingo and Frankie J. Holden bared all for charity.

The Sunday Mail understands SA-FM's breakfast announcer Paul Gale, McDermott and Brayshaw already have agreed to strip.

Listeners' favorites so far include Primus, Crows full-forward and Sunday Mail columnist Tony Modra and his team-mate Mark Ricciuto, Port Power captain Gavin Wanganeen and team-mate Adam Heuskes, singer Mark Holden and Channel 9 weather presenter Xavier Minniecon. Other nominations include Gary Sweet, AM Adelaide host Steve Whitham, Premier Olsen and former premier, Don Dunstan.

The foundation is channelling funds into building an endocrine unit at the Women's and Children's Hospital.

Heather Berry from the hospital said at least $200,000 was needed for the unit, which would be used by children who had suffered brain tumors, leukaemia and other cancers.

SA.FM promotions and marketing director, Ms Jodie Cairns, said vshe was hopeful a venue also would be offered for the event.

She said the date would be set once the troupe and the venue were secured, after which tickets would go on sale.

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