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This is Gary Sweet
Gary Sweet is from the Australian city Adelaide. He attended the Flinders University, Adelaide, where he got a Diploma of Teaching 1979 and a BEd 1980 . He took classes to be able to teach math and physical education, while doing some drama lessons. In his spare time he played soccer.

     Gary tried the teaching job, but did not do that for long. He was offered a small part in the drama series "The Sullivans." Originally he was only going to be there for three weeks, but he ended up having his part for two years. After that he played the legendary Australian cricket player Donald Bradman in "Bodyline". Later more TV series followed: "The Great Bookie Robbery," "The Flying Doctors," "A Country Practice."
This is Gary, Johanna and baby Jesse James, their first born. Sunday Dec. 13, 1998, the news of their separation was written in the Sun Herald.
Lenore Smith, best known for her roles in "The Restless Years" and "The Flying Doctors", was first married to Gary Sweet in 1981. She is today in her third marriage also. "I was young in the first one and we got married about six month after we met," she says. Then Gary got married to the lawyer Jill Miller, but they divorced. Gary has two kids, Sophie (7) and Frank (11), with Jill. Now Gary is separated from the sports reporter Johanna Griggs.

     Rumors have it Gary saw her on the screen and thought: "I want her." He called her up, and got a date. I must say that takes some initiative! It is so sad it did not work. In his marriage with Johanna,Gary got two kids: Jesse James as the oldest, and Joe Buster as the youngest.
"Mickey in 'Police Rescue' must be the part that is closest to who I am in private. I am a nice guy, I don't have much in common with those hard hitting guys. I'm though too, but in another way. I like racing, parachuting, surfing, bungie jumping and down hill skiing," Gary told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

     Having just completed filming on the fifth and final series of Police Rescue, the production company Southern Star Xanadu producers John Edwards and Sandra Levy were keen to find a new character for Gary to play which would move him on to the next stage of his career. So when John and Sandra suggested the idea of Big Sky, Gary was thrilled. "I wanted the chance to create a character within a show that would be as equally new and fresh as Police Rescue when that initially went to air," he said. Gary identified with the character immediately. "We're both adventurous, gregarious, playful and irreverent," said Gary. "We both enjoy the immediate response and gratification of engaging people in conversation. And, we both enjoy our kids."
     Gary also loves the on-screen tension, the clashes and the unpredictable relationship between Chris and Lauren, played by Alexandra Fowler,
Happy couple
Gary and Johanna Sweet at Ascot Racecourse. When they still were happy.

     who appeared with him in one of the Cody telemovies. He's also full of admiration for the incredible energy and enthusiasm of the crew. Best known for his highly successful role as Mickey in the Police rescue series, and as the rule-bending cop Cody, Gary has won AFI awards, Logies, People's Choice Awards and Variety Club recognition. Since his debut in the heart warming television series The Sullivans, he has rarely been out of work, appearing in such acclaimed TV productions as Come in Spinner, Blue Murder, Tanamera, Bodyline and Police Rescue: The movie. He completed a French feature film named Angkor last year, co-starring Sigrid Thornton.
Gary don't say no to do something for charity, and he has been in Australia's largest pro/celebrity tennis tournament "Starlight Cup." Last year, over 40 tennis players and celebrities turned out to help raise over $250,000 for Starlight kids, kids suffering from cancer. The tournament winners were rising Australian junior Luke Smith and Channel Ten's Bill Woods, who defeated Wally Masur and actor Gary Sweet in the action packed final. Absolutely Fabulous girls Patsy and Edina were trying to get an an intimate embrace with Gary:

Absolut Fabulous
Patsy getting a hug...
It ended up with Patsy getting a hug from our hunk.

     In addition to TV, Gary also is to be heard on the radio. This is whatABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, writes:
THE BOOK READING presents a mixture of contemporary and classic Australian writing, and current major works from overseas. Performers as diverse as Max Gillies, Peta Toppano, Gary Sweet and Julia Blake read the adapted novels, many of which are on sale at ABC shops after the broadcast. One of his reading were on Canadian radio: CBC RADIO, Monday to Friday, 10:15 pm January 6-31 THE RIDERS by Tim Winton Scully is a big-hearted Australian bloke making a home for his family in Ireland. When his wife fails to show up at the Dublin airport, he and their daughter go on a wild goose chase through Europe. The Times reviewer wrote that Winton "is not a greatAustralian novelist: he is a great novelist, full stop". Read by Gary Sweet and produced by ABC.

Then I found a little thingie about Gary "the bloke": Since when? THE SNAG is out of favour in Hollywood and is being replaced by "the bloke". This "new hero" is "honestly masculine" and "loves his kids". Examples of blokes include Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, John Goodman and Gary Sweet. It's funny, but I don't seem to recall the SNAG ever being in favour and these "blokes" seem a lot like the usual fare. Movieland really is a strange place. Adapted from The Daily Telegraph-Mirror, 12 April 1994.

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