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~ Pictures from the Battlers ~

Astrid sent me these new pictures from a series I have not seen.
It is called the Battlers, a mini TV series where he plays the good guy...

Please Click on A Battlers Photo To Display Larger Version

The soundtrack from "The Battlers" is on CD! This is what the record company says:

The Battlers, Film Music by Carl Vine:
This music originated as the soundtrack for a television mini-series.
The music is easy on the ears and shows Vine as the consummate composer for film.
His ability to evoke mood is an outstanding feature of this CD.
The Tall Poppies Orchestra is conductedby David Stanhope.

Click here to check out the song list!

I received the CD last week, and it is very soothing to listen to.
It helped me fall asleep the other day, but I like it!
Now I only have to see the series!!!!!!!

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