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My other favorites...

What can I say? I like movies, actors and men!

Some of my favorite actors:

Martin Sacks:
Astrid Esders favorite Aussie actor!

Ed Harris:
Great diverse actor.

Greg Kinnear:
Got an Oscar nomination!

Timothy Dalton:
Two Bond movies.

Stephen Collins:
He's such a darlin'!

Jeremy Piven:
He's so funny!

Robert Wagner:
A Hart to Hart?

Scott Bakula:
Seems lik a nice man...

...and Scott's hit series Quantum Leap was GREAT.

Kevin Kline:
Great on stage and on screen!

Terence Knox:
Haven't seen much of him lately...

James Read:
Will always remember him from "North & South."

Robert Urich:
Made an impression coming foreward when he had cancer."

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