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Here are my friends on the internet!

Not too may friends of mine here in the States have their own home page.
So, I starting this list with people I have come in contact with
after I started the Unofficial Gary Sweet Page.

Would you like to be here?
Give me a hint, OK?

~ Astrid Esders, NL ~

My friend Astrid Esders (right) sends me LOTS of Gary pix!
Here she is together with Gary Sweet's first whife,Lenore Smith!

~ Helen Webber, UK ~

My friend Helen Webber was one of the very first
who visited my Gary Sweet Page!

~ Sonja Cimadom, IT ~

Astrid refered me to this page made by Sonja (left)
about Gary's firs whife, actress Lenore Smith!

~ Gorgon, NOR ~

Gorgon loves this TV-series, and found the Gary Sweet Site
when she was out looking for stuff on Sonia Todd. (Georgia in PR)

~ 18-year-old, CAN ~

I found this site on "Adrenalin Junkies", and I have actually heard of it.
I wish I could get Canadian TV!

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