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As you've probably heard, my page was knocked down by Angelfire.  (I'd write and complain. They can't get enough complaints!)  Since I don't have the time to fully restore it, I won't.  But I've been going about doing what I can without completely wasting my life.  ; )

Needless to say, the page isn't quite as cool as it used to be.  But it's there.  And it's still a valuable resource.  Of course, I encourage everyone to make it more valuable by sending in anything Greek Underworld related to this site by e-mailing me at mahkara@hotmail.comHere are some people who generously sent in saved parts of this page.  I wouldn't be opposed to writing to them and thanking them, either.

Now...for the rest of the page.  Welcome to the House of Hades, the name used by the Ancient Greeks for the Hellenic Underworld.  Here you'll find hymns, documents on the Underworld, and other ways of becoming initiated into the mysteries of the Hellenes.  You may tour the temple, read over the documents, or just hang in the garden. Be my guest.  You'll be here for a while.


Persephone's Garden This is the garden written about by poets such as Swinburne. Aren't you curious about what is in it? All of the plants in it are sacred to the Hellenic Underworld.
It's back!  Who'da thunk?  It's different, since I don't remember what the old one looked like, but it's still got a lot of stuff in it.
Temple to the Gods When you are done smelling the roses (and aconite!), why not visit my temple, read hymns to me by poets like Orpheus and Homer, and leave an offering to your favorite God?
Yay!  It's all back here, except for the original format.  I'm not sure if it's "better than ever", but close enough.
The Denizens of the Underworld! Here you'll learn just who lives in the Underworld, and what they are like. Admittedly I couldn't find much information on a few, but you will learn a lot of neat little facts.
I've managed to recover virtually all of this. Am I good, or what?
Stories from the Underworld All of these are genuine Greek and Roman myth, legend, or fairy tale which took place in the Underworld. I would love additions!
Most of this is back, yet again!
Underworldly Documents All of these are modern (define modern) references to the Greek Underworld Gods! They really are still important!
What do you know? I found most of this as well.  So, all of the new stuff I've added plus all of the old stuff is reunited at last...
Underworldly Books All sorts of books, plays and very long poems are here that have reference to the Greek Underworld.
Trimmed down, but still a great read.  Several of the most important have been listed here.  I've found the old page, but none of the old pages for the books, so I'll list *all* of the books, but only include the pages for those that I recreated.  (This way you can hopefully find all the books that I thought were great, even if not the synopses.)
Recommended Reading All of the books listed here, as well as other sources for further study into Greek mythology. All can be ordered at Amazon.com.
It's back, primarily because it was saved.  Yay!
The Greek Gods All of the really important Greek Gods are here, as well as "modern" Greek Gods. This should be useful if you find yourself asking "who is Zeus?" "Who is Dionysus?" or just want to laugh at them for a while.
It's back!  It's back!
Elysian Chat For those who want to chat about their myths!
Links from the Beyond You can't get enough? Or you want another perspective? Check out these other pages on the Hellenic Underworld.
It's back!  I even cleaned up the dead links.  Please send more links, though.  I can always use a few more.

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If you know anything that I haven't added here about Greek Underworld mythology, or have anything that should be up here, but isn't, please e-mail me at mahkara@hotmail.com. Any mistakes found or new bits of information noted will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Before contacting me: Please note. I am a student and I do this page only because I love Greek mythology. Thus, unless you intend to pay me, I receive nothing from this page. So...a few rules have been instated before you contact me...

This is a Greek Underworld page.
Although I dearly love Pan, Zeus, Hera etc., they do not belong here, with the exception of Olympus.
If you feel that there is something that needs to be changed please explicitly state it. I'm sorry to be such a bore, and I really would love to hear from anyone who would like to talk about Greek mythology.  And if you have something on Pan or Hera, feel free to send it. I'd love to read it, even if I can't post it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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