Stories from the Underworld

Here are some of my favorite stories about the Hellenic Underworld and the characters who live in it. A few stories not found here can be found under the Denizens section. (ie, Mintha, Ixion, etc.) You can also find other versions of some of these stories, or versions in greater depth, or versions of these stories by other authors under the Documents portion of this page. Many books have also gone over some of these stories in depth, which can be found in the Underworldly Books section. Enjoy!

The Rape of Persephone The very famous story about how Persephone came to be queen of the underworld.

Sisyphus This man was so sneaky that he tricked even death!

Orpheus and Eurydice What is death compared to true love?

Heracles Heracles (Hercules) came and went from the Underworld so often that I'm sure he eventually just bought season passes for the ferry.

Theseus and Pirithous Hey, want to kidnap the Queen of the Underworld? Sounds like a good idea to me...

Ascalapus Why would Hades be so mad at the best doctor ever?

Women in the Underworld Why are these women in the Underworld? And what did Hera have to do with it?  Once again, this is probably *somewhere*, I just don't know where.

Heroes in League with Death Every great hero sees the Underworld at least once, right?

Cupid and Psyche Talk about evil mother-in-laws.

Homer Meets Persephone What do Goddesses want? Fame...

Yes, I know that there's a story that you know that I don't know...send it to me!