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As may be known, I, the obsessive and hard working Lia have created a large number of web pages on different areas.  As I feel that they all need to be linked together in a logical way, I have placed them all here.  To give you an idea as to which you would like to visit, I have hired two of my characters, Mara and Leah, to tell you about each one.

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened.  Both characters decided that they should be the sole narrator and so the entire page has become a contest as to which character gets to discuss each page.   As I don't wish to get into their dispute, I'll let you listen to both and decide where you'd like to visit.

Leah:   Niniane's currently living at Broceliande where she'll tell you all about being a femme fatal and a devotee of Diana and ensnaring Merlin and that sort of thing. We get along pretty well. She's my alter ego after all.
Mara: A femme fatal's your alter ego?  You can barely keep the guy you've got!
Leah: So says miss "not married now, never will be".
Mara:  It was a career choice.
Leah:  What career?
Mara: *shoots Leah an evil look*  Better than housewife.  Anyway, I get to do Margawse. She's basically another sorceress from Arthurian legend. We're fairly fond of those sorts of things around here. She's the mother of Mordred, seduced her own brother...very juicy. I'd advise checking her out at The Castle of Air and Darkness a page with a much better name than Broceliande.
Leah: Not true! Broceliande is a very nice name. *pout* I don't like you anymore.
Mara: *just smiles like a stuffed cat at Leah*  I don't think that you ever did to begin with.
Leah: Oooh...we get to  Achilles now! I love Achilles. He's such an amusing hero. How many other great heroes spend an epic sulking in their tents?
Mara: *smile with touch of sarcasm* Just what I like in a man.
Leah: *laughing* You complaining about sulking?
Mara: Now we get to something really good. The House of Hades has everything anyone could ever want to know on the Greek Underworld and gets tons of great was one of Lia's main pages, before she consolidated them. This is probably the best page on the Greek Underworld on the Internet. It's got all of the classical stuff, well researched but done in a non-academic manner, as well as modern stories, poems, books, etc. (some typed all the way out) that trace its evolution after where it is usually looked at.
Leah: Of course, how many pages on the Greek Underworld are there, Mara dear?
Mara: Not many, but this is still one of the best.
Leah: But how could we forget Lia's individual writing page?  Lake of Dreams has all of my poetry and two of my short stories, not to mention, as it was my earlier main page, it has information about the real writer of this page, interests of the writer, as well as thousands of neat things such as poetry page reviews, contests, etc. that are going on all the time. I even have a book for sale. Don't's not the typical Internet poetry page. Lia's writing has won awards, been published, and it's all neatly categorized so that you can find your way around it easily.
Mara: Want to tell them exactly what Lia's been published in?
Leah: *petulant* No.  When I do that, Lia gets angry...and, well, you don't want to upset the Author.
Leah:  Nothing important.  But if you really want fantasy, why not check out Lia and her friend Anna's DragonLance page.  It's hysterically funny.
Mara:  If you've read DragonLance and like that kind of humor.
Leah:  It's called DragonLance Marriage Prospects and Other Fun Things and has more humor than some people around here can even dream of.
Mara: Some, yes.  But, then, what is the DragonLance page anyway but an extension of the true marvel of Lia's obsession?   The Three Moons combines all of her interests in anime and those of the marvelous DragonLance novels.
Leah: Ah, the nerd is back. Let me guess, fan fiction, too?
Mara: But of course! Some of it's actually quite amusing, if you'd bother to read it...
Leah: Why do I keep thinking that Kouen put her up to making this page and you up to promoting it?

YsMara: Oh, I don't know.  But that sort of thing is completely unimportant.  After all, I just completed Ys, one of the best games in the world. I have a page with all of the books up  Ys. It's very neat.
Leah: Blah, it's only an eight bit little game, but it's pretty good for that. And they do have a goddess named Leah. Mara didn't turn out nearly as well.
Mara: See, something for everyone!

Leah:  You worry me at times, you know that?  But I'm glad that you're having fun with this.
Mara:  Yes, me too.  But there's a lot more, too. Just check out the pages.
Leah:  Or, if you're curious about anyone neurotic enough to create all this (or the girl in the pictures), why not check out some of our information on Lia?  She's great fun to talk to about obsessions and really likes getting e-mail, or so she claims, anyway.
Mara:  If you'd like, you can even leave us a note, too. We get so bored, and we're not paid nearly well enough to do this.

Anyway, thanks for coming!

Lia, Mara, and Leah

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