Garden of Persephone

Aspens not only quake, they're sacred to Hades through His mistress Leuce, who was transformed into a white poplar/aspen.

As are black poplars, which guard the entrance to the underworld.

Daffodils (narcissus) are the flower of death and the flower Persephone picked before her fall.

Willows, too, are sacred.

White roses are sacred to death and Persephone.

The poppy is sacred to Persephone...


Particularly the opium poppy...                                                                    As is the deadliest plant in the world, aconite (monkshood).

Mint is only sacred to Hades.  The original mint, Mentha, was Hades' mistress who Persephone hated.



The pomegranate, of course, is also sacred.

The lily symbolizes death and resurrection although it is not Persephone's flower.


The grove of Persephone...


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