The Greek Gods and Heroes

Many, many Gods show up in Greek mythology who are not from the Underworld. As these Gods often show up as relatives to Underworld Gods, or relatives of heroes who go to the Underworld, or assist heroes who go the Underworld, it is important to know the major ones. Besides this, many of the Underworld Gods appear as allusions in important works of literature, so itís just as well to learn who they are.

I've divided this into three parts.

The Classical Gods -- The Gods we all know and love (or despise) from ancient Greek mythology.

The Modern Gods -- New uses for ancient Gods? Who knows. Please don't read this if you hate the Greek Gods being laughed at. If you have any ideas for this one, I'd love to hear them! (e-mail me at mailto:

Because the Modern Gods were so popular, I have added The Trojan War Heroes: Where They Are Today, a section similar to the Modern Gods section except that I am now poking fun at those lovable characters from the Trojan war epics (notably the Iliad, but how could I forget the Fall of Troy and other popular others?). only if you *like* being mean to Achilles (oh, he opens himself to it!), Agamemnon, Hector and the like. The writing here tends to be more substantial than under Modern Gods.

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