Underworldly Documents

We're back and better than ever.  (Actually, since I collected various works of art in order to make this sizable and then found most of what was here, that's a fairly accurate statement.)  Enjoy!


Persephone by Dante Gabriel Rossetti  This started out as a picture of Eve. When the apple became a pomegranate, Rossetti apparently decided to go for a different mythical woman tempted by fruit.

Hecate's Cauldron by Michael Whelan  A very cool, modern picture of Hecate, as the witch's Goddess.

Death and his Brother Sleep by Waterhouse They're both asleep and very peaceful looking.  What cute little death gods!

Hecate by William Blake  Actually, this isn't Hecate.  William Blake meant it to be a mythological figure separating the wonders of love.  However, as it has been misinterpreted as Hecate and it's a cool picture, it's up here.

The Rape of Persephone Unfortunately I've lost who did this wonderful statue of the rape of Persephone.

Statue of Seated Persephone Very cool. She looks every bit a queen of the Underworld.

Hades  Again, I've lost who did this wonderful picture of Hades.

For more poetry, please see the Underworld Temple

Modern Persephone by Julia Nolan  A poem about a modern person, trapped in a similar fate to that of Persephone.

Prosperpina by Julia Nolan  Again, a modernization of Persephone's tale.

Thanatos by Julia Nolan  A poem to everyone's favorite personification of death.

Hymn to Demeter, by Homer  The ultimate version of the Rape of Persephone (and the oldest recorded).  Done by none other than the peerless Homer.

Garden of Proserpine by Algernon Charles Swinburne  A very eerie poem about the Underworld, describing Proserine, her garden, and the people there.

Hymn to Proserpine by Algernon Charles Swinburne  Perhaps my favorite.  A marvelous poem about the ending of the old Gods and replacement by the new (Christianity).  Describes how, despite all, Proserpine will remain.

Hades' Pitch by Rita Dove  Rita Dove wrote an entire book, Mother Love, based on Persephone's abduction to the Underworld.  Here's a poem about Hades seducing Persephone.

The Bistro Styx by Rita Dove  More of Mother Love, this time focusing on the reunion of Demeter and Persephone.

From Persephone in Hell, IV by Rita Dove from Mother Love Hades is in green, Persephone in red. A marvelous poem with the two thinking and exchanging an occasional word back and forth. This is set in Paris, and is continued in the other Dove poems. (for more information than that, read Mother Love, or the essays)

Wiederkehr More from Mother Love. Persephone is discussing Hades.

Demeter and Persephone by Alfred, Lord Tennyson  The great Victorian poet tackles the Rape of Persephone.  Pretty good, if you like Tennyson (I do.).

A Taste of Pomegranate by Sarah L. M. DorranceA poem about lost love with Persephone is and Underworld themes.

Euridice by Sarah L. M. Dorrance An eerie poem about the Underworld and Euridice with a riddle within it.

The Maenad by Sarah L. M. Dorrance I really have no idea as to how to describe this one. But it's good. Very good.   Rather Dionysian. (Duh)

Flight From Ilium:  My Delphic Elegiac by Sarah L. M. Dorrance  A haunting picture of a psychological underworld combined with allusions to the Hellenic Underworld.

Orphic Hymn by Sarah L. M. DorranacePerhaps better described as a hymn to Orpheus, this poem tells of his struggles in the Underworld with a haunting cry to Hecate.

Cursing Pomegranates by Joy Fairbrother Demeter giving a few of her feelings about Persephone's abduction and the

Six Seeds of Separation by Joy Fairbrother A wonderful poem that I haven't quite figured out how to describe. It rewrites the classic tale of "The Rape of Persephone".

Chase of the Beasts by Garry Morse I still don't quite know what to make of this. It has a reference to Proserpine and Hades, and a large number of references to Greek mythology.

Death on Proserpina by Gary Morse This arrived in my e-mail from a friend with the subject of "Don't taste the fruit...Or drink the water!" with under it "In any case, this is my response to your posted poem. (Proserpina by Julia Nolan) It is an entirely different view of Proserpina, and perhaps I was thinking of Death's comments in our modern times with a dream team of lawyers. That could never happen!" This is a great poem. I laugh until I can't breath while reading it. There are a few interesting allusions, but all together it is marvelous! (Look for "Beneath her flowing raven hair./ She wants only to die!" and "Moans wildly beneath pale moonlight,/ "Bring me my final hour!"")

Persephone's Mask by Tara Avery A beautiful poem by a gifted writer.

Persephone Sets the Record Straight by Shara McCallum Persephone in a quasi-modern setting with Demeter. Very interesting poem. I keep wondering what Freud would make of it. Write to me if you have any ideas.

Persephone in the Underworld by Catherine Carter A poem that more or less makes us all Persephone, being seduced by a patient death.

Persephone by Therese Leigh Very dreary poem about Persephone. Well written, but depressing.

Infernal Repast by William A. Racicot An interesting poem that I stumbled into. It's hard to describe, really.

Hades by Twilight Another Persephone poem, this time relating the poor girl to an anorexia victim. (I think)

Stories and other Prose

Rape of Persephone by Julia Nolan  A modern story about Persephone.

Beyond Eternity by Julia Nolan  Has to do with Orphic Theology. Otherwise, I have no clue as to what I was thinking.

From the Metamorphosis, by Ovid  A Romanizized version of the Rape of Persephone tale.

From the Lesbia Brandon by Algernon Charles Swinburne  A description of the Underworld and Persephone, thanks to the great Romantic poet, Swinburne.

Archetypes from Goddesses in Everywomen Something to glance at, anyway.

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